L4D2 Boycott group leader visits Valve

L4D2 Boycott group leader visits Valve

Boycotting Left 4 Dead 2? Think again. Initiator of the whole protest was invited by Valve to their studio (all expenses paid), he could see with his own eyes how the game looks like. The result? He’s delighted.

Valve invited (and paid for flights and hotels needed to carry out this tour) the Steam user Walking_Target to Valve headquarters. They presented Left 4 Dead 2 in its current condition and after that had a bit of friendly chat.

What does the boycott group leader think about the game? Here’s a quote: “The high quality of the game is not in doubt and I am confident that it will be even better.”

What do you think? Is the game really good or is that guy just a sell out?

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  1. glubbar

    I don’t know if you’ve heard of it yet, but people who pre-order L4D2 will get an exclusive melee weapon: the baseball bat!


    Now how scandalous is that? This is totally unfair. We europeans have to pay so much already…
    I think I will join that L4D2 boycott group now… for that sole stupid “exclusive weapon” reason.

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  2. slay

    You know, this is not the first time, when they invite guys from EU to there.

    Remember, long time ago, one hacker from Germany hacked into their office and disclosed that Half-Life 2 development was not even yet started, although Valve promised that yes-yes the game is almost ready. So that hacker got contacted and Valve offered to him a job as security chief. The hacker was super-happy and bought a ticket by himself to USA and went there only to get arrested by FBI :P

    And about L4D2 I have already mentioned that it doesn’t seem to suck so much according to videos :)

    When you think that Left 4 Dead is ultra-quick game, everything moves so quick and game progress is also quick, so there is no wonder that the game itself gets old very quick.

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  3. Spaqin

    Hm. If it’s not so bad as they thought (Better than L4D?), and we were waiting for L4D1 almost two years… They were working on a sequel from the beginning?!

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  4. rpsgc

    We’ll see when they release L4D3 in a couple of months LOL :D

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  5. mik0

    The funny thing is that I didn’t doubt that L4D2 will be good. L4D was almost good, so that’s not the issue. I think that the group started for what Valve promised and what then gave (as usual). And for the fact that they started develpement of L4D2 soon after L4D release with the obvious intent to upgrade L4D in something more but selling it as new with the update that they promised to L4D users. That’s the point, not the final quality.
    Users who bought the first game need free updates, if Valve sell new copies to new users that will be actual sales. If Valve can’t than it means that they was only trying to rip off the old customers.

    That without counting the usual Valve behiviour of not originality and ideas stealing. Two new special infected and the zombie clown are actual community ideas (clown was even in a realized mod).

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  6. stranded

    I wonder what would happen if he actually didn’t like the game at all. And just tell them stuff like “I hate it this sucks!!1”.

    It probably wouldn’t be even on the net then ;)

    Anyway, I don’t care about the whole Left 4 Dead zombie franchise so I don’t really have any idea what’s going on when it comes to that subject.

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  7. glubbar

    Clever move, Valve.

    So what now, are they deleting the whole group after that? That would be ridiculous.

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  8. Kossak

    hard to say, but probably they bought him :). They showed the boy “big” company, had friendly chats/lunchs, payed for everything so… what would you say if you were him? :)

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