Killing Floor free expansion pack and paid DLC coming!

The creators of zombie-survival game Killing Floor just announced the upcoming free expansion pack.

Now what do we have in the pack?

Well there’s one new level coming up called Foundry. It’s set in an old iron works scenery so I guess you and your friends will have another reason to kill hundreds of all kind of monsters. In addition you’ll get two brand new weapons – one of them is the sweet AK-47.

Now probably the best part, what is the second weapon you ask? It’s the Japanese Katana sword. Now you can stay up all night and kill those monsters with this famous piece of art.

Moreover Tripwire will release their first paid DLC character pack which adds 4 new playable characters – such as foundry worker or soldier in a prototype body armor. I personally doubt this will sell well but what do I know, eh?

If you’re a Killing Floor fan I guess you can expect that update to come out sometime soon.

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  1. glubbar

    I don’t like paying add-ons, so I won’t even buy Killing floor in the first place.

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  2. CannonFodd3r

    It’s only 1,79 € – I just bought it :)

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  3. robb

    Paid DLC no thx.
    Hope there will be a freeweekend tho for us who havnt tried it yet.

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  4. K1ll1ng M4ch1n3

    A weekend deal would be great for me :) but a DLC with 4 new characters?

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  5. Spaqin

    I think this weekend will be Weekend Deal with it because of the DLC…

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  6. netlork

    mmh i have Killing floor but, paid DLC?? NO THANKS

    Community MODS, YES THANKS!!! :D

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