GamersGate: Halloween Sale

Halloween is just around the corner, GamersGate is one of the first stores with Halloween themed sale. Pretty much all fun horror games are now on sale.


Featuring titles like:

  • Resident Evil HD Remaster €10.99
  • Layers of Fear €10.00
  • ZOMBI €10.00
  • Resident Evil 5 €7.00
  • Resident Evil 6 €7.50
  • Killing Floor €3.59 (avoid the sequel if you can!)
  • The Park €6.50
  • Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition €15.00 (this one is GOOD!)

More available here.

The 666 Sale on Green Man Gaming is now live!

The 666 Sale has begun. 


Starting from this very moment we will have 6 deals every 6 hours for a total of 6 days. That’s a whole lot of deals that are gonna happen this week and you’ll need to keep a careful eye on our site and blog posts (24 in total) to catch them all!

So begins the first 6 hours. Up for grabs are:

All of these deals expire at 2100 UTC July 1st.
*Regional restrictions apply as usual.

Killing Floor for 4,49€, Steam redeemable

Killing Floor is basically one of the best zombie shooters out there but remember to play it with a group of friends because you will get pissed a lot when you play on public games. But seriously to me this is the best game of that genre –  Left 4 Dead sucks lol. Get Killing Floor here. It’s on GamersGate and is Steam redeembale naturally. Cheers!


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Coop games from GameFly, Steam redeemable

They have a lot of deals out of the sudden (Valentine’s day related?), released an hour ago. All of these are Steam Redeemable and quite cheap.

Reminder, use the 20% off voucher if it still works!: GFDFEB20

First one is Payday: The Heist for £3.75. I nice coop game but just to let you know: play it with friends, not random people!


Payday The Heist Deal


Second one is Renegade Ops for £2.49 which is an amazingly good old-school-car-shooter thing and in coop it’s a lot of fun! Be sure to use the Xbox 360 controller though.


Renegade Ops Deal

Dungeon Defenders is another one for £2.49. It’s a nice game but again in coop, played hundreds of hours and it’s a really cool game.


Dungeon Defenders Deal

Next one is Dead Island GOTY Edition for £6.79, seriously one of my favorite zombie games, sure it has it’s flaws but it’s really fun to play, although again make sure to play with friends (stealing items!).

Dead Island GOTY Deal


OK here’s the last one and probably the best one of these, Killing Floor goes for £3.75 which is a fair price I guess. You don’t really need to play with friends to get into that game but after you reach certain level in it it’s good to play with people who know what they’re doing. Game looks a little outdated by now but it’s constantly being updated by Tripwire Interactive.


Killing Floor Deal


I think that’s it, didn’t find anything else on GameFly or any other store today. Cheers!

Killing Floor free expansion pack and paid DLC coming!

killing floor

The creators of zombie-survival game Killing Floor just announced the upcoming free expansion pack.

Now what do we have in the pack?

Well there’s one new level coming up called Foundry. It’s set in an old iron works scenery so I guess you and your friends will have another reason to kill hundreds of all kind of monsters. In addition you’ll get two brand new weapons – one of them is the sweet AK-47.

Now probably the best part, what is the second weapon you ask? It’s the Japanese Katana sword. Now you can stay up all night and kill those monsters with this famous piece of art.

Moreover Tripwire will release their first paid DLC character pack which adds 4 new playable characters – such as foundry worker or soldier in a prototype body armor. I personally doubt this will sell well but what do I know, eh?

If you’re a Killing Floor fan I guess you can expect that update to come out sometime soon.

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