Is Valve removing mods that accept donations outside Steam?

Valve and Bethseda decided to make Skyrim mods purchasable on Steam yesterday and they are getting 75% of the price for themselves, the rest goes to the modder. Why not allow players to actually donate to the modder instead? Oh we know why, money. Giving us possibility to donate instead of paying for modification through Steam would be better but it wouldn’t be good for Valve.

And now it seems that Valve is removing mods that ask for donations in descriptions – at least according to some reddit posts here.

Here’s a nice mod available in the Steam Workshop:

If you’re wondering what one of the Nexus Mods admins thinks about the whole situation:

I have absolutely no idea how these changes within the modding community are going to affect the community here at the Nexus, but I think that there’s still going to be a market for a site that continues to offer a free and open sharing platform, away from money, where people who want to continue modding as a hobby, not a career, can shine.

Nexus Mods is an amazing community with lots of free mods, you can support them instead of Steam here. Valve should know that when people do things as a hobby, the quality is amazing, but when money comes in…

What do you guys think? Is Valve the next EA? Try contacting Gabe by clicking here and tell him what you think. I guess pirating mods is going to be a thing now.

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  1. Ana Ströming

    ITT why gamers are just the worst kinds of people. Let’s not talk about those things, let’s instead copypasta our outrage memes all over the place and then lick GabeN’s ball sack next week when Valve or EA or Ubi are pointing their laser pointer at something else. Fucking asinine.

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  2. Dragoon

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             /’/   /    /       /¨¯\       
            (‘(   ´   ´     ¯~/’   ‘)            Paid Mods
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              ”   \           _.·         
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                 \             \

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  3. Starlet

    “Valve should know that when people do things as a hobby, the quality is amazing, but when money comes in…”

    Then what? Someone gets more external motivation than just the two people who can be even bothered to say thanks, doesn’t have to go on a long hiatus when money is short, isn’t as tempted to just drop the whole thing when the novelty interest fades and all the thankless entitled parasites are whining at them. You are making a pretty big generalization there.

    Monetization for mods isn’t inherently bad, nor is it impossible to make money with something you have a genuine passion for as so many people have outright said in the last few days. In fact, the most disgusting thing about this issue aside from Valve’s 75% cut for doing fuck all is how great modders are taken for granted.

    Hobby projects aren’t inherently amazing. Just look around the open source and freeware scene, or sites like Newgrounds to see that most of those are either eternally unfinished or shit. There are many exceptions and they’re doing amazing work and sacrificing a lot free time without asking for money. And what a big chunk of the gaming community told them since this started is “So what? Want a cookie? If you don’t have the time to be our bitch, don’t. You working at the post office and then your ass off for us so we have nice mods for our games is the natural order of things.”

    That’s sad.

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