Into the Stars for $8.63 / €7.75 / £5.74, Steam redeemable

This game looks fucking great, grab it while it’s cheap, comparing to Steam’s price at €20 this is a steal. The key is region free.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. trancemansion

    Nah. This game have good basics like alive cockpit / animated crew (not static without moving and etc.) but the way ship moving / speed and not to mantion how mining from some planet like you play some tetris game OMG. Maeby when and if they polish that game in near future could win me, but so far nah next please. I still search for best space game, but i can’t find a perfect one. Elite – Dangerous is better choice if you want better experience in hyper space, but still every space game i found is booring. It’s like you play Euro Truck Sim in space. Mining and transporting like you are taxi driver or something. There’s possiblity for you to fall asleep till you play these games….

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