Insurgency Giveaway Results!

Hey! The decision was not easy – I’d love to give this great game to everybody but that’s not possible – here are the 5 winners – each comment is from different site to make it even:)


Steam Group winner: CyberPunk from Bulgaria


Website winner: Nicko96 from Italy


Google Plus winner: Álvaro Larumbe Munuce from Spain


Twitter winner: migsvk from Slovakia


Facebook winner: Craig Clarkson from Australia


I’ve just added winners on Steam, please accept me for the CD Key from developers – New World Interactive – and again thanks guys for the free copies!!! :)

Another giveaway? Sure! This time from BundleStars, coming later… tell your friends!!! The rules will be the same.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Nicko96

    Thank you for the game!

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  2. Craig Clarkson

    Thanks for the key. downloading and getting ready to play it =)

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  3. FoX_Mig

    Thanks man, this came as a great surprise. Already confirmed you on Steam and look forward for the game itself. Need something fresh after all those hours of playing good but old tactical CQB FPS SWAT4

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    1. FoX_Mig

      Just received the key, download started. Cant wait till its done. Eastergency, here I come.

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  4. CyberPunk

    Thank you so much! Can’t believe i won! Downloading right now!

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