Halloween Giveaway 2014 winners!

Update: All games except for the Bundle Stars bundles have been sent either yesterday or today in the morning. I’m still waiting for info from Bundle Stars on how to activate the bundles.

Hello gamers. Sorry for the delay, flu is a bitch. Halloween Giveaway ended few days ago, we had 5 question up. Here are the correct answers and the list of winners of almost 30 free games thanks to Bundle Stars, Red 5 Studios, Keys 4 Fun and Steam Unpowered.

Here are the correct answers and all the data. We had 745 participants this year!

Question #1

Which character below is Jason from Friday the 13th? Correct answer was C.

Question #2

What game is this? Correct answer was C (The Walking Dead).

Question #3

What is the number of the beast?

Correct answer was A (666).

Question #4

How many days of life left over each of the victims of Samara Morgan after seeing the tapes?

Correct answer was A (7 days).

Question #5

What was the real nationality of Jack the Ripper (as of latest DNA evidence)?

There was no correct answer! The last one was just to make you guys think, we respected all answers as correct, and to this day it’s not sure what was the true nationality of Jack The Ripper :>

The games and winners below!

Thanks to Bundle Stars we got 5 copies os Supernatural Bundle (redeemable on Steam!):

 Winners are:






Thanks to Red 5 Studios we got 5 Digital Starter Packs for their great title Firefall:

Winners are:


Subspace Suitcase




Thanks to Keys 4 Fun – 7 different games and their winners (games redeemable on Steam!) – BTW check out their giveaway on Facebook.


GG BenQ Lenin





And 10 games just from us – Steam Unpowered!:



DieannaKill AKA Miray









I will be sending the games to winners tomorrow morning so please hold on just few more hours! Thank you for participating and again BIG THANKS To the sponsors!!! Please leave a comment below to show that you appreciate their prizes :)

Winter Giveaway 2014 is starting in December. Just like last year, for our 5th Anniversary, we will be giving away 1 game per day on either our website, Steam group, Facebook or Twitter and other social media. Tell your friends, tell your mother, it’s going to be fun. More sponsors? Sure why not, if you’re interested send proposals to contact@steamunpowered.eu. Go play Titanfall and Battlefield 4 because it’s now free for few days on Origin. Peace out guys!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Allenllen

    @crazy4ever i was just sending out my hopes, the site already told me enough places to get free and cheap games :D

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  2. crazy4ever

    @Allenllen no, because you are asking for it you will never win.

    Anyway, thanks for the lottery!


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  3. Romex

    Thanks :)

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  4. ghling

    yay, i won for once.
    And even better i don’t own the game already :D

    Big Thanks for the game!

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  5. stranded

    all games are either steam keys or gifts so you can do whatever you want with those! :) I will send them to your inbox on site or e-mail

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  6. DragonJockey

    Awesome giveaway…Congrats everyone!

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  7. AKA db

    I did not win, but I want to voice my appreciation anyway for setting up this (and other) giveaways, as well as for your maintaining this website.

    Thank you!!!

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  8. oblivirim123

    Is it possible for us to receive our game as either a gift or key because I honestly am not going to play the game that I won, instead, I’d like to trade it.

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  9. Allenllen


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