Green Man Gaming – launched!

Edit from TZer0: Small warning: this distribution uses SecuROM, a DRM-system which is known to cause headaches for gamers.

You may remember this store – we posted about it few months ago. This is a pretty cool store, they launched it along with games for exactly £0.01 (games like: World of Goo, Darwinia, NecroVision: Lost Company, Uplink and others).

Additionally in this store you can trade-in your games, so if you actually bought something for lets say £10 you may trade the game for the same amount.

Just go here and check it out!

Oh and by the way they have their own client in which you can download your games:

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Spaqin

    It doesn’t even check if the card owner’s info is ok. Just card number must be ok…

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  2. ValveRacistCorporation

    No paypal, no party…

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  3. raipekass

    Payment site does not work for me:

    “There was a problem processing your information. Please check the data you entered and try again.”

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  4. netlork

    Lol, buying necrovision too and others XD

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  5. Kossak

    lol the first i bought was Necrovision too! :)

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  6. stranded

    See ya in Necrovision online B)

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  7. Rad86N

    Lack of PayPal method to pay.. that’s just mental!

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