Great indie games pack, pay what you want!!!

Get those games below for whatever price you want!

Do it quickly, the promo ends in 7 days!

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  1. Danio

    Thanks for the heads up gyokzoli! Was waiting for a preorder deal that I can activate on Steam. :)

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  2. gyokzoli

    Btw, Amnesia The Dark Descent van be pre-ordered for half price now. This is the spiritual sucessor to Penumbra from the same developer.

    Looks very scary!

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  3. gyokzoli

    jobbigt, you get a coupon code which is: IDONATED

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  4. jobbigt

    From Penumbra homepage:
    “Dontate any amount you want to the Humble Indie Bundle and you can get the Penumbra Collection for only $5!”

    Anyone know how this works? Do you get a coupon for their store or something?

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  5. MonkeyCrossing

    So could someone gift me this game pack? Just buy it twice: Once for 0.01 and once for X – 0.01
    You will spent the same amount of money.
    I can’t access my credit-card right now. not even my bank account.


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  6. Dragoon

    Great post, thanks for sharing this.

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  7. Amadeus

    Gonna enjoy this!

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  8. Gokburt

    Awesome! Thank you for letting us now :D

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