Half-Life 2 coming to NVIDIA Shield!

This morning Android Police editor David Ruddock received a package in the mail. It contained this: "What Would Gordon Do?" and NVIDIA's SHIELD logo, along with NVIDIA's signature green color, makes this a not-so-subtle indication that the game is coming to the Android-powered SHIELD at some point. Fans of Valve's work already know that the SHIELD is getting a full port of the shooter-puzzle game Portal, which runs on the…


Gordon Freeman is All The Greatest Video Game Hero!

All Time Hero logo

Gamespot had contest running to find out, who is The Hero of all the video games. Their editors picked 64 heroes from various games for different gaming platforms to find out, who is the best hero of them all (One hero to rule them all, one hero to find them, one hero to bring them all and in the darkness bind them). Players all around the world had chance to vote for their favorite hero for 3 months.