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Good Old Games added a brand new bundles with proper discounts check it out:


They offer you the chance to get various complete game series with a 15% up to 55% off discount.
If a game belongs to such series, you will find a new button on the game page, which lets you buy a bundle that includes the whole series instead of a single title. It will also display how much you’ll save on that deal. If you already own a game from that series, you can still complete the bundle, getting the missing games with the discount. The discount rate is flat, only applies when you get the whole bundle, and varies from series to series. Starting today, you can get the following bundle deals on GOG.com:

7th Guest Bundle, Alone in the Dark Bundle, Atlantis Bundle, Gabriel Knight Bundle, Journeyman Project Bundle, Kings’ Quest Bundle, Space Quest Bundle, Longest Journey Bundle, Little Big Adventure Bundle, Phantasmagoria Bundle, Wadjet Eye Adventures, Runaway Series, Sam & Max Series, Simon the Sorcerer Bundle, Still Life Bundle, Syberia Bundle, Tex Murphy Bundle, Zork Bundle.

Just go to any game from the series that grabs your attention to find the new “buy series” button right under the regular “add to cart” button. Once you click it, the games you’re missing from the series (whether it’s all of them or even just one) will be added to your shopping cart with a discount applied.

Please keep in mind–this is something they’re just testing now. If it turns out that this sort of deal is popular with gamers and that it makes sense for them, they’ll keep the Game Series Bundles as a permanent site feature and work towards adding more of them to their offer. For the time being, you get the bundle deals on all the series mentioned above.

Also La Mulana is on currently on deal on GOG for $6. Get it here.

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