Ghost Recon Online open beta launched for VIP members

Update: I would like to stress that this game uses uplay/ubisoft login, but DOES NOT use the uplay launcher! Oh and GRO will launch for everyone aug 3rd forum post as a proof

I know this might not be the right time to promote a Ubisoft game, but I couldn’t keep this to myself. I was a big fan of this title even thought I received an invitation to join closed beta only a week before it ended. However I managed to play a few matches with a conclusion that this could actually be my new favourite free to play game. It shows that Ubisoft can also publish a game which is not a complete console port with a ton of DRM slapped on top of it…

After getting Future Soldier, which was (at least on pc) nothing more than another example of Ubisoft’s fine porting work and an obvious afterthought (I think that initially it wasn’t even suppose to come out for pc). Bad performance, average graphics without proper HDMI support(50Hz issue) and as the ubisoft tradition dictates… utterly broken multiplayer based on the worst p2p code ever made. And UPLAY. GRO was simply a pleasant surprise. Standalone launcher/updater like many other f2p games. Nice visuals and matchmaking works with no waiting times.

Anyways, those who had access to closed beta can play now. Everybody else must wait a few days. I will try to update on public open beta date as it is unclear at this time. In game store should launch after the VIP period.

You can register HERE and download client HERE.

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  1. SilentBugler

    You know what, it’s actually pretty good as far as F2P games go, I’d even go so far as too say that it’s *gasp* FUN! It’s like Ubi plucked the whole multiplayer out of GR: FS (the only good thing that game had) and released it for free!

    Right now it’s more fun than Blacklight and Warface combined, that’s for sure. And looks better than both of them. It’s still a bit raw though…

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  2. laserad

    the plugin has been flagged for bullshit, so firefox blocks it now by default… and GRO doesn’t use the uplay launcher and doesnt install anything else but the game

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  3. 0cube

    yay! lets all get the Uplay browser plugin! :D /sarcasm

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  4. rottencat

    unable to log in

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