Germany warns Blizzard (cease-and-desist order)


Due to lack of information about the game on the box of Diablo 3 and the lack of access to the game because of technical problems, the Consumer Federation warned the game manufacturer Blizzard

Blizzard has failed to inform players about permanent Internet connection requirement on the game box.  Also in connection with the registration requirement on, Blizzard’s internal network, there is no information about entering the game key as well. 

The game can only be used if the player is logged into his/her personal account on 

Now, Blizzard has time until 13.07.2012 to cease and desist because of antitrust violations (whatever that means, we are not quite sure yet).

Source: reddit

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  1. BatisdaCJ

    Just took a look at my box (CE version), and it says internet + account is needed :S

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  2. mik0

    If every country will warn blizzard and leave it with no money, maybe there’s hope that they’ll return to do great game with earned success. Or at least they won’t be another Activision puppet.

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  3. MeisterGlanz

    Basically, if Blizzard does not sign this cease and desist, or sign it and violate it, they can be fined for every copy sold in Germany or it could lead to a complete ban of Diablo 3 from sale.

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