Games For Windows Live Sale!

A very nice weekend sale on Games For Windows Live has just started, the first title is: Batman: Arkham Asylum for only $12.49 (75% off!)

More games coming on next weekends. More information can be found here.

Warning! Games For Windows Live is NOT supported in some countries.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Ixolite

    Don’t forget about the regional locks stranded – while you can use GFWL account created with fake address, you are still locked out of many features if you are in unsupported geographical region.

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  2. glubbar

    GFWL is a major reason why I refrain from buying games that use this bullcrap fascist trojan.

    GFWL is even worse than STEAM!

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  3. Kossak

    when i login to gfwl (i choose UK as my country) i dont’ see batman for 12.5$. It’s for about 30 GBP :)

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  4. Rad86N

    Obviously… M$ shits all over us..
    wewantlive is about to expire in 3 days..

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  5. fix-cz

    Forget to add: FUCK YOU MICROSOFT!

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  6. fix-cz

    Tried, doesn’t work. In my GfWL account I’m registered as UK citizen though I’m from Czech rep (because of multiplayer). So if I enter fake address (Clown Street, London) with postal code from Wikipedia, it still denies my credit card.

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  7. stranded

    I’ve added that info to the article. Also there is a way to register on GFWL by using a fake country that IS supported.

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  8. slay

    21:49 – slay: well i guess that it is wort to mention in a comment with warning
    21:49 – slay: that don’t try this at home, when live is not supported in your country

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