G2Play.net selling stolen CD-Keys?

According to SavyGamer G2Play.net is selling stolen CD-Keys…at least for the game called Blood Bowl.

Read the whole story in here (it’s pretty long!)

Another thing about G2Play.net. In the past (like two or a year ago) their prices were really attractive, but since Valve changed the currency for countries around the world G2Play’s prices went up high…I mean it looks like they are trying to rip off some people by setting the price higher than it really is.

I have removed G2Play.net from the alternative shops (approved sellers list) – at least for now.

Edit: CDkey-Game.com was also removed due to this.

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  1. Craz R. Warner

    Just for saying;
    G2play can be trusted. If you guys pay with PayPal your E-mail “shall” be the same as your E-mail on G2Play, or they won’t accept it.

    Stop saying that G2Play can’t be trusted, you only have to contact their supporters, and they are very fast to respond.

    2 Little things to remind your all of.

    – Be sure your PayPal E-mail is the same as your G2Play E-mail to proof you own your PayPal account.

    – If you got banned from a game or it stopped working on Steam you had bought from G2Play, it’s because you bought a Game Edition that your country have banned for good. That often happens in German.

    “Steam Store” only sells Standard Editions, but G2Play give us the chance to buy Game Editions for them who don’t got The Special Editions banned in their countries. So be sure if you buy Editions on G2Play that support your country’s terms and conditions, and G2Play is writing that with big RED words, so you all getting the chance to look at it, but of course no one is reading that….

    If you guys have problems or help is needed, I can be contacted on my E-mail


    Best regards

    Craz R. Warner

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  2. Herpaderp

    The reason they ask for ID is because some people buy several keys for the same game and try to resell them.
    Asking for ID makes it possible to know for sure it isnt done by a bot or by some douche who stole some personal info.

    As for the duplicate key issue , just ask G2play they will help you asap .
    they will even write the code on the box when steam asks for it.

    So far i have purchased over €500 worth of games there and i only got a duplicate twice and that was with Black Ops pre-order and with Bad Company 2

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  3. Steam

    Hi everyone!
    I have been selling Steam keys.
    Prices are very cheap and reasonable.
    Counter-Strike 1 Antology – $ 4
    Counter-Strike: Source +6 games – $ 5
    There are many keys to Steam. Learn more details on Skype – steamkeyacc
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  4. Aza

    Hmm I have been wondering about G2play, off an on I hear good and bad things but recently a friend of mine received this when buying a product

    “Please send scan or photo of your front and back ID card, passport or driving license (valid government document in colour, which has not expired) with hand-written order number on paper.
    We are required to ask you of this as a security measure, so we can be assured that we are dealing with legitimate client, not a scammer.”

    After hearing other things of details being ripped off etc. – Dodgy

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  5. jose

    I buy 2 copys of assassin’s creed brotherhood and it works absolutly fine!
    I recommend!

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  6. James McMahon


    Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
    Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare®
    Call of Duty®: World at War
    Call of Duty®: Black Ops
    Just Cause 2
    Medal of Honor™
    Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe Edition
    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2
    Footall Manager 2011
    FIFA Manager 11
    Dragon Age 2
    The Sims™ 3: Late Night
    the sim 3
    Sid Meier’s Civilization V:
    Mafia II
    Settlers 7 Collectors Edition
    Warhammer® 40,000: Dawn of War® II Chaos Rising

    key game brink hot : price 15$


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  7. LangMaster

    For G2Play I bought the game CoD: Bo and after entering the keys to Steam, I discovered that the key is already registered, send me a duplicate code, so I have no money, no game here is communication with Valve

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  8. Lukas

    You find this owner in poland in koszalin. btw. i still cant understand why he is not in prison …

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  9. london

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  10. Aur0n

    These are not stolen keys. Like stated above these keys are from versions like asian or russian which are dirt cheap. For example COD4 english version costs about 40-50 euros wheres russian version costs only like 5-10 euros. Massive difference. So people buy cheap russian version, download english version and then use russian version CD-key on english game. In most games it works – multiplayer, online etc. but in some games it doesn’t work and thats where the troubles starts.

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  11. HushPuppy

    Just some obvious fact to consider. G2Play selling games from BIG COMPANIES (Blizzard, EA, Ubisoft, etc). If they are selling stolen keys, do you think their website will exist till today? They wont be in business in a matter of month. Freely selling all those game keys and happily advertising their new release games as stolen key seller is impossible.

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  12. nicklinn

    Ndugu said: “G2play is breaking eula by selling cd keys, and the owner of those websites is wanted in czech.”

    A retailer cannot be bound to a EULA being as it’s an End user agreeement (that is what the EU in EULA stands for) and in the absence of some sort of distribution contract, retailers are free to sell their products to whomever they please, wherever they may be.

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  13. slay

    yeah.. like they say… too good to be true…

    IMHO we should make clear state about what we think of them.

    To ban or not to ban, that’s the question :)

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  14. yongy

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to share my negative experiences with g2play.net for those who are considering purchasing something from this website.

    On 19th July this year I purchased a 1-year Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 license from g2play.net. Despite being slow in sending my activation key after payment, the key they eventually did send me worked properly and was reported to be valid for 365 days. Needless to say, I was quite pleased at the time.

    Recently however, my Kaspersky license became blacklisted and allowed me to no longer use my internet security software. This is despite having some 285 days left remaining on my subscription.

    I have attempted to contact g2play.net numerous times over the past week, leaving messages on their website as well as several emails, asking for a solution or a replacement key. All my emails and enquiries have been ignored over this time. This is despite the business still being in operation, as their website continues to be updated.

    As a last resort, I turned to paypal and tried lodging a dispute. However, as many of you may be aware there is a 45 day limit for lodging disputes, which made a paypal dispute for a refund unsuccessful.

    So in short, g2play.net appears to sell blacklisted keys that appear to be (illegally?) obtained. They will not offer you any support, they will not respond to your emails should your product become unusable. This may particularly be the case after 45 days, when you can no longer raise a paypal dispute.

    Lastly, I want to say from personal experience that while it may be tempting to buy something at low cost, you should understand that there is a likelihood your product will stop working in the future, and that g2play.net will ignore you entirely when this happens.

    I apologise in advance for the long post, but thanks for reading.

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  15. Ndugu

    G2play is breaking eula by selling cd keys, and the owner of those websites is wanted in czech.
    Its just blur that they buy from asia cheap games, Viktor Wanli is name of the owner u should google the name and do some resources…
    If you pay via paypal they cant get your credit card information but if you buy via their payment script they will steal it because they sees it.
    and oh yeah the company doesnt exist at Singapore.

    So i suggest not to get games from there!

    I have heard that United Kingdom is gonna put down whole onlinekeystore.com
    and sue them… because breaking so many laws
    This Viktor Wanli owns alot same kinda sites.

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