#DigitalSingleMarket now in effect!

The new European Union’s law guarantees access to the same content for all EU member states. On April 1st 2018 the new law is in effect!

From now on all content on digital platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Steam and any other digital service has to be accessible to all countries of the European Union. That’s it

This is amazing news, something we’ve all wanted has finally happened after around 10 years of waiting, on the other hand that could mean increased prices (hopefully not) and things like no content of some sort at all in European Union.

Unavailable subtitles for movies and shows on Netflix are the things of past! Before the Digital Single Market law you couldn’t watch let’s say a movie with Polish subtitles while visiting Spain for example (been there, done that) which sucked really hard especially if the things you were watching weren’t in English (or other languages that you know).

Now let’s just wait and see what happens next, are they going to adhere to the new law? Is content going to change severely?

Source: European Commission


3 responses to “#DigitalSingleMarket now in effect!”

  1. stranded Avatar

    John that’s exactly what I’ve meant, I just worded it badly.

  2. Adam Avatar

    yeah, actually its worse this way in some cases. e.g. Here in Hungary, we have like 15% of all the Netflix titles. If I visited Germany before, I could watch all the movies there that I could not from home. Now, I have but the same movies everywhere. Same with the games, I guess.

  3. John Avatar

    Hi, i think you got this wrong. It only means that if you are subscribed to Netflix in one country..let’s say Germany that content is also available to you when you travel to ..Spain. Spanish content is not available to you. It’s something, but it’s still a long way to one market across Europe.

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