Dead Island 2 removed from Steam

Noooooooo!!!! It seems that Dead Island 2 has been removed from the Steam store, it now displays on the SteamDB as: Unknown App 268150.

In April of 2015 the game got delayed but then publisher Deep Silver gave the boot to the original team of developers Yager Development. Techland expressed interest in resuming the franchise – they have their own great Dying Light though – but that went nowhere. Earlier this year, another set of devs (Sumo Digital) were supposed to pick it up.

Now Dead Island 2 listing on Steam has disappeared. Naturally, gamers started speculation on forums that the game has finally been canceled, although as several commenters have suggested, it could also indicate that there might be a new Steam store listing coming.

The old Steam page was based on the first developer’s idea for the game and since conflicting visions are what led to the split with Deep Silver in the first place, it’s not unlikely that Sumo Digital’s creation will differ.

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