Cricket Revolution – if you’re really into it.. (almost fair price)

Cricket Revolution

Cricket Revolution

US: $24.99 $22.49
UK: £14.99 £13.49 (5% lower)
EU Tier1: 19,99€ 17,99€ (18% higher)
EU Tier2: 17,99€ 15,99€ (5% higher)

If there are some Cricket lovers, then the game is for you :) PS. It has multiplayer mode too! Awesome! And upcoming Achievements.

Cricket Revolution is a multiplayer cricket sports action title for the PC. With innovative gameplay, single and multiplayer game modes, local and global tournaments, and challenging AI opponents that learn from your every move, Cricket Revolution is a cricket gaming experience unlike any other!

Get into gear and get ready for global cricket competition in your bid to dominate the online leaderboards!

Key features:

  • Experience Authentic Batting Gameplay: Cricket Revolution’s batting system lets players command both shot selection and placement seamlessly with action oriented key mappings.
  • Dominate the Awards and Achievements Leaderboards: Are you the top batsman in the world? Have you taken more hat tricks than anyone to date? Have you never lost a match online?
  • View and Track Complete Statistics and Performance Data: Every wicket you take, every century you score, every run you make is tracked, stored, and analyzed after every match to give you a comprehensive statistics tracking system.
  • Master the ‘Bowling Gadget’: Unleash your bowling mind upon your opponents with complete control and confidence using Cricket Revolution’s ‘Bowling Gadget’.
  • Compete For Glory on the Revolution Servers: Challenge friends and foes alike across the globe in a bid to dominate the Revolution Online leaderboards!
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  1. glubbar

    If the price is only 5% to 20% higher, I think it’s a fair price (considering they include Taxes too).
    Those should be green not red nor orange. IMO.

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