Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: You won’t be able to play with Steam players if you bought the game on Windows Store

I have no idea who the fuck thought that’s a good idea but according to Activision’s support page you won’t be able to play online with your friends who bought the game on Steam or Windows Store. You either have to own one or another to play with your friends!

Steam Rage

Also you can’t even play between Windows 10 and Xbox One players. So you’re probably out of luck if you bought it on Windows Store, for some odd reason, because I really doubt a great number of players are going to buy it there, multiplayer is probably going to be dead after few months…

I do understand that Microsoft simply didn’t want the game client to install Steam in the background but if this thing continues and games are going to be non-playable online between platforms (just like consoles?) this is going to suck big time.

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1C Company and Best Way announce a special offer dedicated to 65th anniversary of the Victory Day.

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Cricket Revolution – if you’re really into it.. (almost fair price)

Cricket Revolution

Cricket Revolution

US: $24.99 $22.49
UK: £14.99 £13.49 (5% lower)
EU Tier1: 19,99€ 17,99€ (18% higher)
EU Tier2: 17,99€ 15,99€ (5% higher)

If there are some Cricket lovers, then the game is for you :) PS. It has multiplayer mode too! Awesome! And upcoming Achievements.


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