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Guys this store has an amazing discounts for retail games (boxed) such as Bad Company 2 £9.95, Fallout 3 GOTY £10.95 and much more. Plus the shipping is free to customers from European Union (including UK). I think I’m gonna get Fallout 3 GOTY… Thanks to Dragoon for this info!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Xan

    They finally answered after over a week when the game I wanted to buy was sold out.

    Alex Andreas, Sep 21 14:14 (BST):


    For the daily deals we are offering at the moment all shipping is free

    When the full site goes live the will be a free shipping option which is airmail or a TNT 1 day service which will be £5.95

    Kind Regards

    > Me, Sep 13 19:56 (BST):

    Could you please confirm if there is a shipping cost to Croatia and how much it is? I have been trying to contact you over live chat and email last week without a response.

    Well I won’t be buying anything from them it seems

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  2. Xan

    They haven’t answered my email for several days now.

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  3. Xan

    Anyone got to talk to them about shipping outside of EU? They are kinda slow with responding to my email.

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  4. ryuga81

    Yep, those prices are VERY low… shipping is free… well i hope it stays this way all the time XD (tho it won’t happen :P)

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  5. Dragoon

    If you wonder about shipping. There is a telephone number printed on the web page as alternative, it’s cheaper to call with Skype.

    @MetaShane Like Xan said it’s clearly a promo action but don’t forget behind them is distributor. Maybe you should ask them about their wholesale prices and then tells us.
    Since they only deal with registered and VAT taxes paying companies they don’t tell private persons, but maybe they tell Games :)

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  6. Xan

    It’s an opening sale, the stock is limited, once the sale is over the prices will go up by about 7-10 pounds.

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  7. MetaShane

    Interesting. I checked out their prices… and they are really really low. I just don’t know how they can make any money out of this.

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  8. Xan

    @Sooo, is the shipping free to the European UNION, or the whole Europe?

    Im trying to get their live chat to tell me that, I tried buying a game and it didn’t show any additional cost in the transaction page, but I canceled it and went to ask them, I’m from Europe but not in the EU yet.

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  9. dacho

    Sooo, is the shipping free to the European UNION, or the whole Europe?

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  10. DeStiNy

    Thank you very much for this Dragoon, just ordered Fallout 3 GOTY :D

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  11. Dragoon

    @Xan I doubt anyone has heard about them before. As you can read on their main page in “About Gametail” it’s a new retail shop that will have it’s full launch 17th September. :D

    If you wonder, this is not a shady CD-Key store, but a real company that ship boxed games like you buy in a local store. As a real registered company they have a summonable address inside the European Union, so you can sue them.
    I think the only CD-Key store that is also a registered company is G2play. However, how much a letter box address in Singapore is worth I leave to you. :)
    Anyway Gametail is the retail store of GLS Games Distribution (UK) LTD
    I guess they are pretty save. BTW they ship to the address you registered in PayPal.

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  12. Xan

    Never heard of this site, does it have any reputation?

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  13. ryuga81

    omg it’s all sold out T.T i wanted to buy BF:BC2 T.T

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  14. Tommy

    cool deals, ty Stranded and Dragoon !

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