Comparison script – Steam Unpowered edition!

We proudly present new version of Steam store price comparison script, originally created by tor (thanks!) modified by Zuko.

New features:

  • Works on DLCs
  • Works on discounts
  • Converts prices to your local currency
  • Has colors ;-)

Configuration (open up the script with your favorite text editor):

    • showYourLocalCurrency – Enables/Disables price conversion to your local currency
    • yourLocalCurrency – Your local currency (eg. PLN, CZK and many more)
    • yourBaseCurrency – base currency for DLC price conversion
    • showTieredEuPrices –If set to true, the script will display prices from both Valve’s price regions, or "tiers".
    • showUkPrice – If set to true, UK prices will be displayed (in addition to US and EU prices)
    • showAUPrice – If set to true, AU prices will be displayed (in addition to US and EU prices)
    • usVat – Adds VAT value for US prices (depending on country)

    Script works on: Mozilla Firefox (with GreaseMonkey Addon), Chrome and Opera (but without the colors in the last one).

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    1. Fuckyou

      I hope you will die.

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    2. Fuckyou

      Why have you released this not-working pile of totally Bullshit?

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    3. GENOCIDEGeorge

      Thanks, works like a charm!

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    4. slay

      I found another bug also:

      Well, this is known bug:
      US: N/A
      UK: N/A
      EU Tier 1: N/A
      EU Tier 2: 44,99€ (703.92 EEK)
      AU: N/A

      But at the end of the page, where are related games:
      Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
      -10% 49,99€ (striked through price) US: N/A UK: N/A

      I think that there should be new price in euros, not US or UK prices :)

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    5. specter

      oh come on when will you fix it? It is really bad.

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    6. Zuko

      Guys, I don’t have time to fix the script right now ;/ (but I know what is wrong). Sorry ;/

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    7. specter

      4 packs show 1 game price. (on opera, I dont know about others.)

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    8. Kostja

      Very often i noticed wrong prices and free games will be shown with a price tag too lol?

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    9. Kossak

      i noticed that this script doesn’t work now very oftne. Maybe steam changed something? I had to uninstall. Maybe the original script will work…

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