Comparison script – Steam Unpowered edition!

We proudly present new version of Steam store price comparison script, originally created by tor (thanks!) modified by Zuko.

New features:

  • Works on DLCs
  • Works on discounts
  • Converts prices to your local currency
  • Has colors ;-)

Configuration (open up the script with your favorite text editor):

    • showYourLocalCurrency – Enables/Disables price conversion to your local currency
    • yourLocalCurrency – Your local currency (eg. PLN, CZK and many more)
    • yourBaseCurrency – base currency for DLC price conversion
    • showTieredEuPrices –If set to true, the script will display prices from both Valve’s price regions, or "tiers".
    • showUkPrice – If set to true, UK prices will be displayed (in addition to US and EU prices)
    • showAUPrice – If set to true, AU prices will be displayed (in addition to US and EU prices)
    • usVat – Adds VAT value for US prices (depending on country)

    Script works on: Mozilla Firefox (with GreaseMonkey Addon), Chrome and Opera (but without the colors in the last one).

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    1. slay

      alright! :)

      it works, thanks!

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    2. slay

      damn steam updated something, is not working anymore :(

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    3. Fernando

      @Arkadiy Shapkin i have downloaded the script u’ve made, but it’s not working.. something is missing to make it work.. i use Firefox

      could u please fix it? it’s very important for me have Russian prices..

      thank you

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    4. Dzago

      It doesn’t seem to work correctly for me.
      On Magic: The Gathering 2012 – Expansion page it gives me these results:
      US: $12.49 (6.43 LVL)
      UK: £29.99 (24.37 LVL) (279% )
      You: 4,99€ (3.54 LVL) (45% )

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    5. Rayhan

      how to convert it to Pakistan Rupee (Pakistan local currency) ???

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    6. dcgc

      Excellent! Thank you very much!…

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    7. bruno

      hi how i could change currency in that script to czk pls? thx

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    8. Roman0

      Umm, doesn’t seem to work. In “Sniper: Ghost Warrior” Daily Sale it shows
      US: $2.99 (8.28 PLN)
      UK: £2.99 (13.43 PLN) (62% )
      EU: 2,99€ (11.73 PLN) (42% )
      AU: $2.99 USD (8.28 PLN) ()

      When the real prices are
      US: $5.00
      UK: £5.00
      EU: 7,50€
      AU: $5.00 USD

      Also, additional content prices
      US: N/A
      UK: N/A
      EU: N/A
      AU: N/A

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    9. SealedSun

      This is really cool! Especially the automatic currency conversion is very useful for people who have the EU pricing scheme forced upon them despite not being part of the EU and not using the Euro.

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    10. Esbjörn

      Great script! Now I will always have a reminder that the prices are unfair before I buy. Thank you!

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    11. KindDragon

      Good script.
      It should display prices in rubles, but it display in PLN.

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    12. slay

      moron banned

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