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Another failure…

Company of Heroes just got released on Steam... If you're wondering, yes, it's cheaper on Impulse (source). BTW: Complain at Steam but not here, we dont make any prices.


Not only € = $…

According to Valve: 7.1GB = 3.3GB ... Oh and you may think? WTF why 7GB? Well Steam cannot use diffs. All patches for Company of Heroes (and a bunch of other games) use diffs, diffs (I guess it's from the word: difference) are files that look for original files and add new content to them. But Steam needs all files redownloaded all over again after every patch, it cannot add…


Another reason to think that Steam is garbage

Update: Impulse already released Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor. Speed it up Gabe. PS FUCK YOU. I can't even imagine how long is Tales of Valor going to download. --- You're probably bored with my whining today but I gotta say this. Today Company of Hereos had an update from version 2.400 to 2.500 (2.501 if you have the latest add-on, Tales of Valor). You can easily see that…


3 years of .eu!

Go to now and find out how to get your own .eu domain name today. .eu offers a single online identity for the 500 million people of the European Union. There are many reasons to use a .eu domain name. Here are just a few of them:


New “Low prices” for Dreamcatcher Games

Speaking of sales lately: Source: New Low prices for Dreamcatcher Games April 6, 2009, 6:19 pm - Valve - General Announcement Genesis Rising and Painkiller Overdose are each now available for new low price of just $4.99 / GBP3.99 / 4,99 €. Go fuck yourself, seriously. USA: $4.99 UK: $5.85 Europe (no, UK is not in Europe kids.): $6.58


Thanks, but no

As it says on Strategy First Spring Thank-You Sale Save 50% on all titles or get entire Strategy First catalogue for one low price! During the sale, all Strategy First titles will be discounted by a whopping 50%, including Flat Out Ultimate Carnage and Perimeter2. In addition to individual discounts, Strategy First is offering its entire 26-game catalogue "As the first publisher to offer our games on Steam, we…


Make this site popular on Google (help us!)

Here's how you can make this website popular on Google. Login to your Google account, type "steam europe" in the search engine, then click on arrow (up) to put this site on the top of search results. You can additionally add a comment. You can try with several other phrases like "Steam games" or just "Steam" etc. If you're too lazy to read the text above watch this video (in…


Alternative Shops

You can discuss alternative shops here. We will mention if any of the listed shops contain DRM (Digital Restriction Management) games, regional locked games or regional shops. SSL security is also another important feature to protect customer's personal information so that will be mentioned as well. If any information on this page is incorrect please let us know as soon as possible. NEW SHOPS - untested!1. Direct Game Keys [fusion_builder_container…


The Alternatives

We'll be making announcements about other game-distribution services. We're in no way associated with the mentioned sites. If you find any information that is wrong or if you want to add a site, then please just send me a message here or on Steam. Feel free to discuss the different platforms on our IRC channel and in our group chat on Steam. EA store was disqualified for having bad currency…



I didn't want to post this until I get a response, but after almost 3 months I still didn't get a thing. Here you go: Message #1: Message #2: By the way, I know Valve is reading this website, so basically any contact would be great. You can PM me on Steam Forums, my user name is strandedPL. I don't bite.


“New low price!”

Update (19th Feb 2009): Seems like they have fixed it ;) --- They should have fixed this long time ago, click to enlarge. See it yourself here.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


Facepunch 1$/1€ discussion

Some of you may know the Facepunch forum, since it's the main place for Garry's Mod players and a hell lot of other people to meet. I thought it could be fun to see what such a large community would think of our problem, and here is the discussion: Feel free to participate.


F.E.A.R. 2 fiasco

It seems that if you bought F.E.A.R. 2 in retail today or few days earlier you can't play it because Steam says it's "Not available in your region.". Of course that's the problem for Europeans, the game was released in few stores around Europe earlier. Seriously, that's a major problem here. (pics by danidomen) Read more on Steam Forums: here and here F.E.A.R.2: Project Origin Steam Forums: click


Valve shuts down mailing list soon

So right now it looks as if Valve is trying to close the one of the communication channels, which they just cannot control. Currently the mailing list is accessible to everyone subscribed to it and sending a mail to one address easily starts any discussions about specific topic. Well, the fundamental rules of the mailing lists are: free speech and obedience of the netiquette. I don't remember if there was…


Buy those in retail!!!

As you know cool 3 games are coming out really soon and according to official sources (listed below), those games will be fully integrated with Steam: Empire: Total War Steam store page SteamWorks confirmation link Dawn of War II Steam store page SteamWorks confirmation link F.E.A.R.2: Project Origin Steam store page SteamWorks confirmation link So it's 100% sure that their CD-KEYs will be registrable on Steam. Now just go and…


Electronic Arts lost 641 million dollars

The Inquirer: US GAME maker Electronic Arts is reporting a net loss for the eighth quarter in a row. It might be the biggest games publisher with a large number of success stories but for some reason it lost $641 million for the three months that ended in December. This is even worse than the net loss of $33 million for the same period a year ago. The problem is…


European Commission responds, again!

Just found this on the official Steam Forums (link): Dear Sir, Thank you for the above letter, which has received our fullest attention. The answer to your letter requires further work which is currently in progress. You can normally expect a reply within one month of receiving this letter. Yours faithfully, (signed) Zsuzsanna Jambor Head of Unit European Commission DG Competition, Consumer Liaison Unit Mail: European Commission J-70, B-1049 Brussels…


Steam Randomly Charged In Pounds Instead Of Dollars (USA)

Here's an interesting read from Reader Justin says he bought some software from Valve's Steam service — and was randomly charged in British pounds. This resulted in a bunch of extra charges from his bank. He's tried to contact Valve about the issue, but he says he's being ignored. Justin writes: I don't know how widespread this is, but based on the company's silence to my attempts to resolve…


“Steam rising prices in Europe”

One big site in France ( have mentioned our group and everything in one of their articles! Read the article here! - translated to English by Google. Original article (in French) here.


Comparison of prices

Here's a comparison of some games from Steam Store available in 3 different "zones" ($,€,GBP) - all converted to dollars. See the list here! Looks like Valve adores UK. Table created by Rhonin the wizard.


Cleaning up the mess, defining the new goal (and file a new complaint)

When this whole campaign was started and named 1€ ≠ 1$ (one euro is not one dollar), we all hoped that by this it would eventually be corrected. This is not the case. At start we complained to the EU commission about the price difference. Whether it be the price difference in the US vs EU or UK vs EU Steam case. In the end, sadly, 1 euro is 1…


European Commission responds

It seems several people who have sent out complaints as according to the 1€ ≠ 1$ announcement ( click ) have received a reply from the European Commission. Here is a picture of the response: (mirror) The person responding appears to be not understanding the issue. Or is it that we did not understand the issue at the time? We must be reminded that the original issue was 1 euro…


Rockstar Games/2K Games response

That's pretty interesting: Response (Antony) Hello,You have reached the Technical Support Team for Rockstar Games Tech Support, we are unable to force a company to change their prices of products in the same way we are unable to change the processes of a shop on the high street. we are un aware of the costs and taxes involved in the Steam system and are therefore unable to comment. If you…

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