Heroes Pack fail

In one of today’s weekend deals we have a pretty nice pack of the Might and Magic titles. But something is really bothering most of us so I decided to post this here.

The deal has different content package all over the planet, for example in Slovakia, Poland or Czech Republic the game has 3 games (without Dark Messiah) and in United Kingdom, Portugal and Germany there are 4 games (including Dark Messiah).

So what is the problem? Well I’m not gonna discuss about price differences around the world and the $=€ case, but they want us (I guess the whole Tier 2?) to pay the same amount of money for a package like other countries but one game is missing!

A user on our forums KeckaS pointed this out:

For the Czech republic (same as Slovakia, Poland etc…)
http://store.steampowered.com/sub/1753/?cc=cz (Only three games (4,99+4,99+4,99=19,9)

For western Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal…)
http://store.steampowered.com/sub/1753/?cc=de (Four games (4,99+4,99+4,99+4,99=19,9)

Why Tier 2 (I’m just assuming that’s the whole tier 2) should pay for 4 games when it gets only 3?

Other than that I think that Zeno Clash is priced kinda fair, so I can surely recommend this one for anyone, although I’m still thinking about buying it ;)

Stay tuned for more info about the game called Trine, we have some interesting stuff coming up.

Screenshot from the Polish store:
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I run this place! :D

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  1. Rhonin the wizard

    @Pyro Gourmand
    I never said whose fault was it, I just pointed it out.
    Also, on Steam only Ubisoft is listed as the publisher, no matter at which regional store I look, it’s possible that the other two only handled the retail versions.

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  2. Pyro Gourmand

    Rhonin the wizard, it’s NOT Steam’s fault on that one :
    => people purchasing Call of Juarez 2 : BiB in North America get CoJ 1 for free because the North American publisher allowed it, he couldn’t “steal” the publishing right from the other 2 publishers.

    => in other regions, the 2 other publishers did not take the time to ask Steam to bundle CoJ1 to CoJ2 pre-purchase or they didn’t want to.

    Check Call of Juarez wikipedia article and you’ll see there’s really 3 different publishers for the same game :/

    But for the Heroes pack, the 4 games have the same publisher : Ubisoft.

    I think someone was too lazy at Ubisoft or/and at Steam to add all the games in the pack.

    I don’t believe they would be that stupid, there’s no logical reason, tier 2 is supposed to be “less fortunate”, must be an error.

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  3. Armada

    Individual price: €14,97
    Costs to you: €19,98
    Valve hates you.

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  4. Rad-86

    Valve’s typical example opinion on world’s equality…

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  5. Rhonin the wizard

    Ahh…I forgot about it. Call of Juarez 2: Bound in Blood is up for pre-purchase, users in North America will get the original Call of Juarez if they do, the rest of world gets nothing

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  6. Rhonin the wizard

    There is a slight possibility that those who do not see Dark Messiah will still get it, this happened with the Ubisoft Classics Pack, Dark Messiah wasn’t available in some regions, but they still got it when they bought the pack.
    However, I am not willing to bet on this. Plus you could just buy the Heroes of Might And Magic V Pack.

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  7. abbe

    I’m curious about what the Trine stuff is about, I’m hovering over the buy button on Steam! :O

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  8. EightySeven

    oh cant edit that post but the 18) needed to be 18 :P (accidental smiley)

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  9. EightySeven

    funny thing is noone should buy that bundly anyway since there is a HOMM 5 pack for 13 and Dark Messiah for 5 (total of 18)
    making the 20 pack a waste of money for eveyrone

    Zeno Clash is a nice game btw :)

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  10. XanderCz

    Im tier 2 btw

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  11. XanderCz

    I dunno… When I look through Steam it actually says HoMaM+expansions for 12,99, but when I look via browser I the exact same offer for 19,98…

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