Canonical in touch with Valve to ensure Steam is well supported on Ubuntu



Lots of Steam on Linux news this week after Michael Larabel visited Valve office and confirmed Steam and Source Engine on Linux.

Now, in a Live QA session for Ubuntu 12.04 release, Ubuntu Developer and Community Manager Jono Bacon said that he knows Canonical has been in touch with Valve to ensure top notch support of Steam client on Ubuntu.

Check out the video, skip to 52:14 for Steam part:

Probably Canonical already had idea about Steam on Linux before Phoronix broke the news? Also, according to Michael Larabel, Ubuntu has worked out a gaming deal from a big publisher. These games may be available in Ubuntu Software Center later this year.

It seems, Canonical has plans to push Ubuntu as a gaming platform this year to increase mainstream adoption.

Source: Ubuntu Vibes

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