Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam gameplay

A lot of new Bad Company 2 Vietnam gameplay material was shown on the Tokyo Game Show. The game is basically the same thing with new guns and vehicles (and maps obviously).

Here’s a gameplay video:

Bad Company 2 Vietnam Gameplay

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  1. Rad86N

    theres no 1943 for pc.. so now they come up with vietman.. LOL

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  2. Fox

    I will buy this when they finally fix the bad hitdetection on weapons. This problem has been since BF2 and still isn’t fixed. I like this game, but I don’t like it when I have to shoot half a clip in someone when playing on a server with over 50 ping.

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  3. Zuko

    same shit again

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  4. rottencat

    agree with faky about “easy money and re-skin”.

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  5. Faky

    Well it all depends on the price. Currently i voted “no” because it looks just like reskined BC2 and nothing more. In other words – nothing that could not be done if they released SDK for the game. Now you know why they haven’t – easy money.

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  6. Xan

    Waiting for Battlefield 3

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  7. joeangry

    I really don’t know, I miss BF2 classes :'( plus we still don’t have onslaught mode and specacts on pc…

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  8. Dragoon

    I liked the video. Was always more a fan of Vietnam than modern themes. Already enjoyed playing Battlefield Vietnam. I noticed soldiers have a hitpoint counter again. No more health regeneration like in BC2 anymore.
    Can’t wait to fly a Huey again

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