Batman Arkham Knight for 21,99€ on G2A!

You can now place your orders for Batman Arkham Knight on G2A and the price is very nice – 21.99€. It’s a Steam redeemable key of course.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. m64

    Don’t trust G2A. i preordered Arkham knight a month ago and they still haven’t delivered it. Said i have to wait at least another 72 hours. I opened a Paypal dispute and it immediately got closed with paypal saying “we don’t cover digital goods in our buyers policy”.

    Straight up fucked out of the money. Would have rather paid steam $60 to play it on release than have to wait for this BS.

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  2. trancemansion

    Man stop adversting this bullshit site where i can buy game not on higher prize than other cheap site but also i got this bullshit +20% above the original prize…
    My advice is to go for other sites looking for better prize for the game you want and in this case here – for same prize you got Pre-Order Bonus and this site don’t have + % above the prize they set it.

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