Another GOG update!

So they posted some new stuff on and gave a link to this YouTube video:

GOG promo video / september 21st 2010

After quickly analyzing the video you can see a bunch of new features like GOGMix and some UI changes along with new titleBaldur’s Gate The Original Saga – which was not on GOG earlier and was anticipated by thousands of players. So it seems that GOG is expanding somehow and possibly changing from BETA to stable version along with small UI changes and store features.

I wouldn’t call that a good campaign. I still haven’t heard from their promo management.





8 responses to “Another GOG update!”

  1. slay Avatar

    Pyro rulz

  2. ROFLMAO Avatar

    I don’t get u guys they never said that the gog was gonna end.
    What they said was
    “We have recently had to give serious thought to whether we could really keep the way it is. We’ve debated on it for quite some time and, unfortunately, we’ve decided that simply cannot remain in its current form. ”

    That can be left to a lot of interpretations like:
    1 Out of beta
    2 GOG ending
    3 DRM
    4 Bought be steam

    Problem was some retard journalists on other sites came out and made conclusions like they know the future.
    And now you guys are mad at gog instead of the journalists that tricked u into believing them … that is how brainwash people!

  3. mik0 Avatar

    If it was a pr stunt they better shut down. And I won’t be happy either way.

  4. Pyro Gourmand Avatar
    Pyro Gourmand

    DotEMU ?

    ps : I just checked the website and gathered informations (was quite easy since they’re a french start-up company and I speak french everyday), so they began on mobile phone games, selling legal emulators+roms of old games, and after few years of development, they stopped putting a link to the page for the games they hadn’t yet, and made their own “”

    their website is basically an exact copy of (both in design and technical scheme) and its rules : no DRM, low price range, Win XP/Vista/7 compatibility, infinite download (sic). Every single design/feature was copied from (just browse all the pages).

    And don’t get me wrong, there’s no patents on web-design or, but I don’t “feel” like it with DotEmu.

    Long story short, I joined the very first day of their beta and saw the work the gog team achieved, the features and design evolutions, the deals they were gaining from publishers, it was not easy to get a No-DRM deal back then :

    On retail the DRM lobby was living its golden age (rootkit style) while Steam was providing a stable DRM-based digit platform, and they still managed, with all the other indie devs selling w/o DRM, to make the No-DRM policy a commercially-viable policy.

    It would be a shame that the guys who took the time to “build” that, just dropped it and let some uninnovative people milk the money out of that new market. I’m waiting for some great innovation from DotEmu before validating them in my “good digit video game store” category.

    Sure that PR stunt is the worst ever (seriously, that’s total failure) in my opinion, but I won’t jump on the first clone of for that,

    I prefer to get my games on a website with the worst marketing team ever and a good service, rather than on a website with the best marketing department and the crappiest services ever.

  5. Xan Avatar

    Consider it an extended maintenence with a shitty PR stunt attached to it

  6. Elbart Avatar

    It’s not like GOG doesn’t have any competition. DotEMU and others will gladly serve the customers’ “good old games”-needs.

  7. freibooter Avatar

    I don’t exactly see how this is in any way humorous.

    This is just about one of the worst PR moves I have ever seen, if this is just a way of stirring up attention for new features!

    This idiotic stunt not only hurt existing customers, denying them access to their accounts and downloads without any form of early warning it also painfully showed everyone the downsides of digital distribution and how incredibly fragile of a good these accounts can be.

    I always regarded as “the good guys”, a friendly, honest and trustworthy company that stood up against DRM, for the customer, for easy downloads without activation limits, client log in etc.

    If they wanted me to change my mind about them entirely, then this deceiving and stupid publicity sure did its job …

  8. happymondays Avatar

    I don’t necessarily agree. If this is what it seems to be, I pretty much think that’s PR guys and me, well, we have the same kind of twisted humour…

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