Bundle Stars: May Madness & BundleFest highlights!

MAY MADNESS is still on! Save an extra 5% off with the voucher MAY5 at checkout.

Here are the highlights!

And highlights from the BundleFest:

New Good Old Games website tomorrow

New GOG website is launching tomorrow, it was redesigned (not really completely):

  • they’ve added features like GOGMix (which is mixing up games that are rated similarly by GOG users),
  • game suggestions (lets say you’re buying Fallout 1, the store will suggest Fallout 2 and similar games, yay…),
  • they’ve changed their community page,
  • added an easy way to browse through particular game forums,
  • added game genres in the store (action, rpg etc)
  • added Baldur’s Gate to the store (at $9.99)
  • made 150 games compatible with Windows 7
  • announced more RPG classics (probably Planscape Torment and Icewind Dale series)

The new store is launching tomorrow at 1PM GMT (UK timezone).

They’ve also announced that they want to be the number one alternative to Steam.

I will post the whole conference video here in few minutes (the conference was very poorly done at least in my opinion).


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Another GOG update!

So they posted some new stuff on gog.com and gave a link to this YouTube video:

GOG promo video / september 21st 2010

After quickly analyzing the video you can see a bunch of new features like GOGMix and some UI changes along with new titleBaldur’s Gate The Original Saga – which was not on GOG earlier and was anticipated by thousands of players. So it seems that GOG is expanding somehow and possibly changing from BETA to stable version along with small UI changes and store features.

I wouldn’t call that a good campaign. I still haven’t heard from their promo management.

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