Winter Giveaway!

We have some indie games to giveaway this time (some of them thanks to Game Getter), have fun!

Lottery starts today and ends on December 22nd (Thursday).

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I run this place! :D

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  1. slay

    I bet that it’s chocolate factory

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  2. 0cube

    Dude, that first question… its just unfair… how am i supposed to know that?

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  3. f3d3r1c0mb4t

    Done. Check your inbox.

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  4. stranded

    sure, why not send it over on the forum messages

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  5. f3d3r1c0mb4t

    I have an extra InMomentum key from getter… do you want to add it to the lotter?

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  6. Mavi

    Good luck everyone! :)

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