Weekend Deals and Specials (24.07.09)

That’s right, we’ll be doing this every week, providing you the best deals from Steam, Impulse, GOG and Direct2Drive. But as we all know some of those stores or particular offers have restrictions and some won’t be even available in your region. But oh well, what can we do? Lets do this!


Men of War 75% off – 7.00€

 Velvet Assassin 50% off – 19.99€

X3 Terran Conflict 50% off – 14.99€


Impulse has 50% off Paradox games, same as Steam.

East India Company (with free DLC Pack with pre-order) – $56.79
Hearts of Iron III (free HoI 2 with pre-order) – $56.79
Children of The Nile – $12.95 or whole Tilted Mill Complete Pack – $44.95
DeskScapes – $9.99

Click here for details!

Good Old Games

As we mentioned before, Racing Games Pack 50% off


And Yet It Moves 50% off – £3.95

Dawn of War II 50% off – £14.95 (cd-key registerable on Steam!)

And of course earlier mentioned THQ 50% off deal.

If you spot anything else please put it in the comments below, thank you! And have fun playing ;)

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I run this place! :D

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  2. Catshade

    If you’re AU/NZ Steam user, you can grab 3D Ultra Mini Golf Adventure for $0.10. Yep, you read that right. TEN CENTS.

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  3. Dragoon

    Stupid does this happen at months end.

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