Weekend Deals (21.04.13)

Daaaamnnn this weekend is running away from me. Here are the deals for the weekend, sorry we’re so late! :D

Update #1: Added GMG deal for Killing Floor.

Update #1:

GMG Killing Floor for $4 with code: GMG20-GGN5D-FC3NA

Earlier mentioned Green Man Gaming deals plus more (use the vouchers below):

As you could guess from the title, there’s a 25% voucher available on a selection of games available from Green Man Gaming. We’re on the cusp of the weekend so let’s not waste any time with it!*


Our 20% voucher has also been extended.**  Use it on hundreds of PC digital titles to get that extra saving you’ve been craving for this weekend of gaming!


Because weekends should never be boring.

GameFly still has some deals going for EA Games too:

EA Mass Effect £9.99 50% £4.99 19-Apr 22-Apr
EA Mass Effect 2 £14.99 33% £4.99 19-Apr 22-Apr
EA Mass Effect 3 £14.99 53% £7.99 19-Apr 22-Apr
EA Dragon Age: Origins £14.99 33% £4.99 19-Apr 22-Apr
EA Dragon Age II £14.99 33% £4.99 19-Apr 22-Apr

GamersGate deals are:

Get Games deals are:

Good Old Games deals are:

Telltale Crazy Sale 85% off

Paradox Store has an Earth day week sale:

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Dark Eagle

    King Arthur Collection on paradoxplaza.com is Steam redeemable?

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  2. Wan Ey

    GMG25-FHALS-8SG7H not working for star Trek. so no 25% off

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