Weekend Deals (20.11.09)

21th Nov – added GamesPlanet weekend deal

*20th Nov – added Good Old Games weekend deal

Early start by GamersGate with 3 games 50% offKing’s Bounty The Legend, Rush for Berlin Gold and Sango 2 & Takeda 3 bundle. Then comes Steam with super deal!75% discount Frontlines™: Fuel of War™ and has very good price for EU! If you don’t afford or want MW2, buy this instead, it is 25 times cheaper :D Impulse is offering 12 games cheap on this weekend: Sacraboar, Tropico Reloaded, Prince of Persia®, Kingdom Elemental: Tactics, Iron Grip Warlord, Hacker Evolution – Untold, Nemesis of the Roman Empire, Warlords Battlecry III, Supreme Commander Gold, Scrapland, Capitalism II, Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile – Alexandria. Good Old Games woke up too and is offering 50% discount for The Settlers (2 games)! GamesPlanet is giving 2 games for 50% discountTrine and King’s Bounty – The Legend.


Also check out Week 47 deals for this weeks specials.

PS. The list will be updated when new offers will pop up.
* – my computer date was 1 day in the future so I had wrong date here :D


GamersGate is kicking off this weeks last deals with 50% discount.

Starting with King’s Bounty: The Legend, which obviously is making room for King’s Bounty Armored Princess. King’s Bounty: The Legend is remake of legendary game King’s Bounty back in 1991. It is HoMM type tactical RPG game, so recommended to all fans :) Price: €24.95 €12.49. Steam prices: US: $29.99 / UK: £19.99 (12% higher) / EU: 24,99€ (25% higher).

Rush for Berlin Gold includes the original action packed game Rush for Berlin and the explosive add-on Rush for the Bomb. Rush for Berlin: Fight the final battles of WWII and join in the race for control of the Reich’s capital. Take command of either the western Allies or the Red Army, or prepare for the great counter-offensive on the side of the German armed forces. Price: €14.95 €7.49. Steam prices: US: $19.99 / UK: £14.99 (26% higher) / EU: 19,99€ (50% higher).

Third offer contains bundle of 2 very uncommon titles to me – Sango 2 & Takeda 3. Seems like they are historical Chinese strategy games. So if you’re strategy fan, then should at least try the demos :) Price: €59.90 29.95. So not bad for 2 games at all :)

NB! GamersGate has good daily deals every day, so check it out, follow them on Twitter or subscribe to their special offers RSS.


Frontlines™: Fuel of War™ is available for 75% off until Monday! Frontlines™: Fuel of War™ is an open-world First Person Shooter set on the frontlines of tomorrow. In a world ravaged by a global energy crisis, environmental decay, and economic depression, players assume the role of an elite soldier in the Western Coalition Army on an epic crusade against the Red Star Alliance to control the last of the world’s oil reserves.

US: $29.99 $7.49
UK: £14.99 £3.74 (17% lower)
EU: 9,99€ 2,49€ (50% lower)!!


Impulse is offering this weekend 12 games:

PS. Tropico Reloaded is offered in GamersGate too with good price: €14.95 €7.49 (~$11). Link.

Good Old Games

Good Old Games is offering 50% cheaper good old games from Settlers series: The Settlers® 2 Gold and Heritage of Kings: The Settlers™. If you want to buy only one game, then you will get only 30% discount. Get both for £9.98 now! :)


Now is time to get finally Trine, the 3D side-scroller platform game. It is definitely worth to try because it is very challenging. Try demo at least :) Also there are lots of gameplay videos, so I think that I am not so skilled and didn’t buy it on release, maybe I will reconsider now :D  Price: £14,99 £7,49 (ca $25 $13 / 17€ 9€). Steam prices: US: $19.99 / UK: £16.99 (40% higher) / EU: 19,99€ (49% higher).



And another offer is like in GamersGateKing’s Bounty – The Legend. King Mark of Endoria made a pact with the gods… The time has come to pay the price. Armies of living dead and demons sweep through the kingdom spreading chaos. Use your talents in strategy and fighting to secure peace in a world on the edge of destruction. Price: £24,99 £12,49. GamersGate has the same price :) Steam prices: US: $29.99 / UK: £19.99 (12% higher) / EU: 24,99€ (25% higher).



NB! Up to 20% higher than US price is still almost fair price, because US price doesn’t contain VAT.

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  1. slay

    added GamesPlanet offer 50% off from Trine and King’s Bounty – The Legend

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  2. stranded

    Frontlines is not that bad, I got it off Steam on the last Holiday Sale on Steam. The single player is kinda fun, can be boring at times. Multiplayer was really active when I got it but I didn’t have proper hardware to play it. I think I’ll need to download it once more and give it a try.

    The game is on Unreal Engine 3.0 and the gameplay is similar to Battlefield 2 or something. You’ve got tanks, choppers, multiple weapons to chose from and huge maps.

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  3. netlork

    Well then enjoy it :) i can’t pay 60€ to play mw2, i think dont worth it:)

    Dragoon, some people still play frontlines, and these days with the deal i suppose that more people are coming :)

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  4. endgame

    seriously? r u guys going to play frontlines with mw2 out right now? not saying it’s the best game ever, because it’s not! but it’s definitely better. and probably the best shooter of 2009. i’m enjoying it. :)

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  5. Rad86N

    Frontlines is.. problematic, connecting to the servers from the in-game browser is practically impossible and if you are lucky, you’ll get a laggy server full of people lag-skilled.. but mostly this struggle for life is not for long because punkbuster kicks you.. singleplayer is useless since bots are just way too dumb, but on the other side, the game has great looks and costs only 2.5€
    So it can definitely be worth that money.

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  6. Kossak

    I have Frontline Fuel of War already – really good game, you won’t find better value for your 2,5 EUR :). I don’t play it anymore and i think very few people play multi now, but after this promotion you will find somebody to play i think.

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  7. Dragoon

    Thank you Slay as always for your good Deals of the Weekend posst.

    King’s Bounty: The Legend got a very reasonable price. I bought the game 2 months ago for 20€. I should have waited. :)
    If you liked Heroes of Might and Magic 5 you will love this game.

    @Netlork & DeStiNy
    Can you tell us if people still play Frontlines online?
    The games sounds nice and the deal is awesome but I would hate to find only empty servers.

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  8. DeStiNy

    Well, just got Frontlines in case it’s a mistake :D
    (Like the double reduced TES GOTY Deal long ago)
    17% and 50% are usually the percentage the price is higher for UK and EU.
    That was the case on another steam game, they corrected that some days after release as far as I remember.

    Anyway, getting a steam game for 50% less than US makes me happy. :-D

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  9. netlork

    Frontlines is a good game, i recommend it :)

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  10. Amadeus

    Wow. One day the US gets a lower price, next day we do. Seriously, what the hell?

    I don’t think either is fair.

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