Weekend Deals (18.09.10) – SPECIAL INDIE BUNDLE INSIDE!

Here are some great deals, this time on September 18th, that will spin your head around! Here’s another set of Weekend Space Deals:


But before we get into Weekend Deals you have to participate in this:


Just see this to know what’s inside:

Support Indie Developers now by clicking the link below:


Anyway here are the deals for this weekend:


Monkey Island’s remake is very cheap right now (a bundle of two games or separate games) so if you’re looking for a good and funny adventure game get it now!

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is cheap as well (75% off)!

Champions Online is 70% off for some reason.

Jolly Rover is 50% off!


Dawn of Discovery Gold is 50% off!

Blacklight – Tango Down 75% off!

Vizati 50% off!

Air Forte 30% off!

Entire Enlight catalog on sale – 50% off everything!


Direct2Drive turns 6! is still up!

Including Champions Online way cheaper than on Steam!

And the summer end even ends on September 30th:

As I post this Dead Space is 60% off and Civ City: Rome 50% off !

Just click on the link below to see if it’s changed:

Summer Ends Event


Codemasters Pack up to 60% off!


Pre-purchase Football Manager 2011 today and you’ll receive all 20 games from the Sega Mega Drive Classics Collection FREE!

That’s a total of 21 SEGA games for the price of just one game.


Earlier mentioned GamersGate Deals of the Week.

And a lot of other offers as usual, check them out here!

Found anything else, leave a comment?

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I run this place! :D

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  1. MarkAltair

    however,telltale games has interesting offers for the talk like a pirate day :


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  2. MarkAltair

    sorry,i’m a really moron..

    i “”””simply””””” confused twelve with twenty.

    i’m a totally idiot o.o i’ve never made such kind of errors neither at school when i was younger .


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  3. netlork

    Blacklight – Tango Down, i want it, but i prefer steam, but… hey! only 2.87€!! go for it on impulse :D

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  4. Dragoon

    About the @ theindiebundle, can you not scroll down the page? When you scroll further down it show the games in each bundle. You can click on the thumbnails for a game description.

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  5. GyokZoli

    @MarkAltair: yeah, that’s exactly 12 games but who said 20?

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  6. MarkAltair

    probably it’s me that i’m stupid,or the down bar @ theindiebundle is shitty big,but i did’nt understand what are all the twenty indie games..
    i’ve just discovered eleven[or twelve,or thirteen] simply counting games in the first two packages…

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