Weekend Deals (13.08.10)


Hello everybody on this wonderful day, on Friday, the 13th! Well, even if it was yesterday.. :)


Let’s have look on deals that our best friends have to offer.


Free weekend for Booster Trooper!
Huge QuakeCon sale (13 – 15 August)


Disciples III
Devil May Cry 4


Men Of War
All Ubisoft games on sale with discount.
Also some other titles like Just Cause 2 etc. Total games: 27(EU) / 28(UK)
EU link here. UK link here.


Phantasmagoria bundle!


Greeman is still offering nice deal – buy 1 and get 1 for free!
Painkiller Black Edition – save 70%
UFO: Afterlight – save 70%
Necrovision: Lost Company – save 92%
and more

Summersale! Here.
Borderlands – save 66%!
Batman, GOTY – -60%
Legendary – -75%
NecroVision + Necrovision: Lost Company – -75%
Red Faction Guerilla – -75%
Saints Row 2 – -75%
Unreal Complete Pack – -50% / Unreal Tournament 3 Black – -75%


 Mafia II – -10£ (get Mafia 1 for free!)
Battlefield Bad Company 2 – 15£!
Kane & Lynch 2 – -10£
Rockstar games discount – Max Payne, GTA etc
Also lots (85) of price drops and sales.
And Metaboli, their game rental system is giving good price for 6 months.
Play over 500 games whenever or wherever you want! Offer is here.


Anything else?

EA UK is having Battlefield promotion, selling Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for 23.44£ (with voucher you can get price down to 17.58£, which is 21.40€) and Battlefield 2: Complete Edition. PS. EA has DRM and also georestricted. So use caution :)

DLGamer has Ubisoft week going. If anyone is interested, check here.

GameTap has price drops for Dragon Age, Dawn of War 2, Mass Effect 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2. If interested, check here.



Have more info? Post a comment if you dare!

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  1. MyWay

    every game of it are game of the year editions with dlcs. in the case of the fallout 3 if u buy later the dlc u have to pay 50 bucks….yeah and in germany i cant buy id super pack. its not shown so another reaosn why i love the quakeconpack :)

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  2. Faark

    Super ID Pack was £12.89 on last Dec25… so they even wanted that 50€ now from you for Elders Scrolls, Call of Cthulhu and Fallout ;)

    But year, waiting for the winter deals could be a good idea… hope the make a fallout-sale including the old stuff…

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  3. MyWay

    for me its the best pack ;)
    i buy allways some classic games in collections. like rockstar collection….novalogic classic games and commandos pack. on the last summer deals i was able to buy square enix pack but i dont did it because so much game which i dont know and i never want to know. so i like the doom games and i fuckin freakin out if i think i own every quake game…if u own the id-pack wait a little bit for winter deals or holiday deals then buy the bethesda pack….if u ahve luck they add the new fallout if its released and cost not so much more…so that u can get50 euro elder scrolls and the two fallout games.

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  4. Elbart

    “and its the best pack ever”

    Only if you haven’t bought the id Super Pack in the previous three or four holiday sales. :(

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  5. MyWay

    this games are not allowed because its uncut and the german law. normally u have to sell a cut-version but if a person can show u in the store his pass he can buy the german uncut version. all of this 21 games which are not allowed in germany are some old games….and id would never release an update only for the germans. and that u can buy with a foreign ip and a credit card is false….this way of buyin games is over with steam. because they check your creditcardregion and the region of yourpaypalaccount.
    i dont like here the thinkin of why the new vegas fallout is not in the pack.
    70€/27Games=is 2.59€ for each games. thats cheap enough so stop flamin steam….
    really guys like u want the games for free and not to have to pay for it. then go fot pireate bay and download it u get it cheaper and have all the probs of cracks/virus and timeless downloading.
    i buyed the quakecon pack and im playin right now fallout 3 ….and its the best pack ever….
    2.59€ for each GAME

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  6. Faark

    @mkasu: most of them are not allowed in Germany, so we’ll never get the full package (except u buy with a foreign ip & credit card…)
    I think the bigger joke is, that the “ALL id AND BETHESDA Games”-Package does not contain “New Vegas”!

    Hm, £ 14.99 for f3-goty… worth a buy? Okay, fair price (like most steam-deals, even if they rarely are real “special deals”), but the sequel is coming soon…

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  7. mkasu

    quakecon pack isn’t available in germany (well, it is, but only 6 out of 27 games)

    they should fix that ;P

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