Weekend Deals (11.09.10)

Here are some great deals that will blow you away! Here’s another set of Weekend Explosive Deals:

OOOPS! I’ve accidentally removed links from this post but since it’s old I’m not gonna fix it xD

Blood Bowl: Dark Elves Edition 75% off!
VVVVVV 10% off! Try the demo first.
Poker Night at the Inventory 10% off!
Space Siege 66% off!
And absolutely explosive title: Secret of the Magic Crystals 50% off!

Not entirely a cheap deal, but a brand new game from Stardock deserves it’s mention – Elemental: War of Magic released!

And of course the same as last week a lot of games and software on sale! Just click here,
by buying those games you help the charity – Child’s Play.

Also the same as last week, Direct2Drive turned 6 years old! Here’s a special promo page (each week new games, check back every Wednesday!)

And the summer end deals:

Activision strategies (including Caesar 3 and Call to Power 2) up to 30% off!

I LOVE PAYPAL Promo 25% off selected titles!

Football Manager 2010 CHEAPER DEAL THAN ON STEAM is Steam registerable!

And GMG doubled your money, that’s right! If you bought something on GMG now you have twice the money for trade-ins.

Assassin’s Creed 2 25% off
Making History Gold Edition 50% off
The Settlers 7: Path to Kingdom 55% off
And a lot more available here!

Found anything else, leave a comment?

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  1. ld13

    CD/DVD copy protection and digital rights management product developed by Sony DADC. It aims to resist home media duplication , professional duplicators, and attempts at reverse engineering the software. It is most often used for commercial computer games running under the Microsoft Windows platform although it fails each and every time, with cracks for these games appearing on the interwebs within days.

    Many opponents, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, believe SecuROM, like many DRM applications, is used to restrict one’s fair-use rights. The legit buyer gets punished for buying the legit game by being restricted to eg certain install/activation limits yada yada. The use of SecuROM has generated controversy because it is not uninstalled upon removal of the game.

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  2. Max

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is a secuROM, why is that a problem? Thank you,

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  3. Rhonin the wizard

    It’s a magical pony game.

    I was interested in Blood Bowl, until I saw that it has SecuROM. No buy from me.

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  4. AdRiAnO66

    “And absolutely explosive title: Secret of the Magic Crystals 50% off!”

    I’ve always wanted a pony game, THX!

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