Weekend Deals (11.06.10)

We didn’t post the Weekend Deals last week, sorry about that. Anyway here’s another set of deals!



Team Fortress 2 50% off and Free Weekend (now available for Mac)

Bethesda Sale (Fallout, Elder Scrolls games 50%-70% off)

Metro 2033 50% off


Titan Quest Gold

Sherlock Holmes

Indie Strategy Bundle

Scorpion: Disfigured


More here (East India Company and Devil May Cry 4).


Warfare 80% off


Selected RPGs 30% off


Championship Manager 2010

Bad Company 2


A lot of titles here ranging from 30% to 66% off!


Found more deals? Post a comment!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Faky

    Fiuuuu im glad this deal is over. The only game i was interested in this weekend was Morrowind (and a bit Oblivion) and i had it in my cart 2 times already, but always canceled it for reasons this site exists.

    Better luck next time – either price is lower in EU or € is lower than $. Im willing to pay less or equal, but not a cent more.

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  2. MarkAltair

    Add Metro 2033 -50% on Steam :D

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