Weekend Deals 01.03.13

Note: This post will be updated as soon as more deals show up for the weekend!
Update #1: Added more deals from GMG at the bottom.
Update #2: Added even more deals from GMG!
Update #3: CDKeysDirect deal for Arma II added, $6 only

Hello gamers, it’s March already! Spring Lottery will launch somewhere near the first day of spring… And for now check out the Weekend Deals for the first weekend of March!

First one is pretty cool on IndieGameStand, pixelated chivalry called Pixelry. You can either pay the standard price ($10) or pay what you want for it.


There are a couple of interesting things on Steam as well, such as Mark of The Ninja at 67% off (5€). Looks interesting but I’ll pass on this one.


And War of The Roses free weekend and sale (5€). This game is fun, I used to play it a lot with _KaszpiR_ in the beta, I personally think this is much better than the other chivalry game (forgot the name lol). You can install it right away by clicking here. Or buy it by clicking on the image below:


Here’s a cool deal on GamesPlanet, XCOM Enemy Unkown for only £12. Check it out. Steam redeemable.


Deus Ex – Human Revolution is also on sale on GamesPlanet for only £5. Check it out here.

Nuuvem has Total War Master Collection for around $25. Steam redeemable! Go here to get it.

GameFly has another 20% off voucher for games: GFDMAR20

Lots of games on GameFly currently 75% off (including: Postal 3, Kingdoms of Amalur, Nuclear Dawn and more!). No idea if the 20% off code above works with those!

Good Old Games is having a weekend deal sales too, 50% off for selected titles – check them out here.

IndieBundle.org is having a sale, 3 games (Metal Drift,  Mayhem Intergalactic,  The Journey Down) – Steam redeemable for $5. Check them out!


Green Man Gaming voucher 20% off with: GMG20-P4DLK-FKYRS


Expendables 2 is 50% off – Steam redeemable – get it here.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is 50% off – Steam redeemable – get it here.

For those wanting 25% off, you can use GMG25-PYWNG-VG81T on these selected titles: Defiance,Defiance Deluxe Edition, Resident Evil 6 and Sniper Ghost Warrior 2. This code will expire at 1700 GMT March 4th.

More GMG deals announced on their blog. Click here to see them!

And the deals are City Interactive 75% off (still), check it out here.

And various games, all listed here up to 75% off!

CDKeysDirect is having a sale for ARMA II (just standalone) for only $6. Check it out here.


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