Week 17 Deals (26-30.04.10)

Hi, as Direct2Drive has opened Week 3 sales and GamersGate sent also Game of the Week information, so I think that we may now post this post :)


As said, Direct2Drive is running spring sale (save up to 83%) for 4 weeks, first 2 weeks are now over and new deals for week 3 are listed below. NB! Some games are georestricted and they also changed price later, so if you see interesting deal, flip a coin and buy it or don’t. PS. I will put there D2D EU prices, not UK prices like I’ve used to, also euro is cheaper than pound anyway.

Civilization IV: The Complete Edition (-75% 4,95€), Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II (-50% 19,95€), Guild Wars Prophecies (-50% 9,95€), Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Bundle (-52% 11,95€), Star Trek Online (-40% 29,95€), Blazing Angels Bundle (-60% 7,95€), Caesar IV (-67% 4,95€), Sid Meier’s Railroads! (-75% 3,95€), Torchlight (-23% 9,95€), X-Com Complete Bundle (-67% 3,95€), Far Cry 1 + 2 Bundle (-60% 15,95€)

And now 10 under $10 deals, in US version there are 4 prices cheaper than 10$ and in EU version only 2 cheaper than 10€, so very misleading headline (they have fixed the title) special deals. List here: East India Company Bundle (-65% 19,95€), BioShock (-50% 9,95€), CSI: Deadly Intent (-50% 14,95€), Brothers In Arms Double Pack (-50% 12,95€), Anno 1404 + Venice Bundle EU (-37% 49,99€), James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game Special Edition (-55% 24,95€), Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas Bundle EU (-60% 11,99€), EverQuest: II Sentinel’s Fate (-50% 17,95€), Cities XL Limited Edition (-70% 14,95€), Altitude (-50% 3,95€).

Full list with nice pictures here. PS. You will find better prices for some games in other “regions” US, UK.


GamersGate is offering this week Age of Booty, Max & the Magic MarkerMajesty Bundle (guides are on sale separately).


Steam is offering Rockstar games with discounts. You may get Grand Theft Auto: Vice City with 75% discount if you hurry up, because it is sold for 2 hours only, til 3pm Pacific time (9,99€ 2,50€). (sorry dudes, you’re late now :)) Alternatively you can get whole Rockstar Collection with 50% discount – US $ 84.99 $42.49 / UK £59.99 £29.99 / EU €84.99 €42.49. For quicker information, check out Rockstar Games Official Steam Group here. Well, if they start selling Max Payne with discount, then get it, it is very good game with very good story.

Also Agatha Christie games came on sale and they are sold with 10% discount for this week.

Guild Wars 5th year anniversary celebration means 50% discount for entire series. It is fair price, you may get it :) Offer lasts until the end of the week.

And Steam’s weekly deal is X3 series including new mission + Steam achievements. But not fair price and very strange deal.

The Whispered World is also 10% cheaper for one week.


That’s all for now, there will be Steam weekly deal on wed or thu, like usually and then I will update this post. NOT :D


So have fun and don’t spend too much :)

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  1. Danio

    GTA Episodes from Liberty City @ 25% off and GTA Classics @ 75% off. GBP is the cheapest for the latter, and only slightly more than USD for Liberty City. Either way it’s 30-50% more expensive in Euros.

    Also interesting to note is that you can get retail GTA Episodes from Liberty City from Play.com for €20 with shipping.

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  2. slay

    yeah :(

    and that’s why I put disclaimer into post, if you see it, flip a coin and buy it or don’t.

    I was lucky, I was late to GTA IV deal which would be tempting, so now I am richer 7.99€ or how much it did cost :)

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  3. Creiorly

    Direct2drive has offered only two games with 75% discount and both of them are geo-restricted… It seems to me they had a great start with the spring sale; great selection and deep discounts, but now, they have become more careful, not to mention their policy of changing the prices and/ or restricting the purchase of certain games later in the week. :(

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  4. Faky

    O and did you see The Whispered World is 27$ (which by some miracle translates to 36€ and that would make it 77% more expensive).

    LOL Reloaded or any other group. Please crack this one because i would love to play it for free even if it sux badly.

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  5. Danio

    GTA IV is on sale now. 75%, lasts for three hours. (Ends 1PM PDT?)

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  6. gyokzoli

    Unfortunately, some of the games on D2D are region restricted (Civ4 for example).

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  7. joeangry

    The game isn’t compatible with vista and win 7… We’ll need to create a new group EST ≠ CST ≠ MST ≠ CET ≠ EET ≠ WET ≠ GMT ≠ BST, they don’t seem to make differences.

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  8. MarkAltair

    it looks like,as i read in steam forums,that in 05.00 AM – 07.00 AM London Time [GMT 0] manhunt was -75%

    bad,very bad.

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