Valve actively looking for Linux devs

Valve has been recruiting for at least one Linux specialist to help port Windows games with this job ad since January. But it looks like they’re getting very serious, and keen to push on with the project.’s Michael Larabel has received an email from Gabe himself asking for help head hunting.

The email to Larabel, which has been confirmed as genuine, reads:

We are running into a bunch of performance issues in Linux drivers (e.g. 50 millisecond draw calls because thedriver is compiling a shader).

We’d like to hire someone to work on these performance issues. If you know of anyone we should be talking to, I’d appreciate getting connected with them.

Gabe Newell
Valve, Bellevue

This isn’t overly surprising, but it is reassuring. With the rapid rise of Android as a gaming platform, and recent changes to the Linux kernel which integrate Android code, there’s every reason for developers to start treating open source more seriously. The Humble Indie Bundle has proven that there’s a market for Linux gaming too, as grateful Tuxheads spending more than Mac users.

It could well be that they’re looking for someone purely for internal testing and research with no firm plans to bring Steam or games to Linux yet. But neither the ad or the email seem particularly speculative.

Source: PC Gamer

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  1. hunshiki

    Haha. I don’t know why would they spend money and effort on Linux.
    I know, I know, it’s free.

    But there is still no sign of an official effort, to make Linux mainstream, a desktop OS. Ubuntu is trying, trying really hard, but it fails every time. I don’t know if they do that intentionally, but it won’t make Linux more popular if they continue adding useless features (like HUD) and swapping application in and out.

    (Like my sister have learnt to use Linux like 2-3 times, since every version had different default applications, different ways to perform the very same tasks. And that is not really convenient for the average user.)

    On the GPU front:
    The only working GPU there is NVidia. And only with the proprietary driver (which is baaaaad, bad, since it’s closed-source!). Actually, it works really nice. You install the driver, and everything works. SLI, TV-out, HDMi, whatever you want, however you want.

    ATI? Maybe with ‘radeon’ or ‘radeonhd’. 3D with those? Hah, nope.
    The proprietary FGLRX driver? Pray, and maybe your OS won’t crash every minute.

    Intel? It works great. For desktop use. I know you can’t really play games on Windows either, but on Linux, the 3D performance is catastrophic.

    …. So uhm… good luck, Valve!
    Even if they manage to get a Steam client up and running, the games wouldn’t be playable.

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