Ubisoft’s idiotic DRM strikes again!

If you were planning to buy Anno 2070, you should know that it is limited to only 3 activations and if you replace your, say, graphics card more than thrice, you can say goodbye to the game.

What exactly is Ubisoft’s thought process behind such a strategy for the PC market?

Yes, we know they have been talking about how piracy is rampant, and how almost “95% of the PC gamers would pirate it” anyway, and other nonsense. This to us, shows an utter lack of respect for the PC market, and while plenty of publishers are affected by piracy, they have shown us that there is a way to succeed and gain a lot of goodwill in the process.

Guru3D found out about Anno 2070′s DRM, Ubisoft’s response to that was… well, terrible.

They said:

“Sorry to disappoint you – the game is indeed restricted to 3 hardware changes and there simply is no way to bypass that. We also do not have 7 copies of the game for you.”

Source: GamingBolt

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  1. Starlet

    Ubisoft are gaming’s biggest douche bags, what else is new. Haven’t bought or pirated a single game from them since they started this new “PR offensive” years ago and I still pretty much drown in great games. Maybe it’s time to look for a career change as they obviously don’t want to make games anymore. Like working in a toll booth.

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  2. 3dog

    This must be the most idiotic idea ever. I have 2 pcs in 2 different countries, that means that if I ever buy that game I would only have 1 extra installation left hahahahah.

    Way to go Ubisoft, I’m sure piracy will go down thank to this kind of measure ¬¬’

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  3. mik0

    Really clever. Instead of trying to convert pirate into paying customer they are trying really are to piss of the few remaining customer sconvering them into possible pirate in the future.
    I think that probably we’ll find people who willingly want to pay even full price for a pirated version because it simply will be better than the legit one.

    As a player I would really enjoy playing another Anno games, but for now I’ll wait.

    Really shameless reply from ubisoft to guru3d. Other than being arrogant they make clear that they don’t even know that a copy of a game is no different to other as long as the same persone play it and to limit a customer in how he use it’s own pc is even worse. They must take full responsability and blame for the deterioration of the pc gaming market.

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  4. slay

    When playing EA games, you have only 10 times activation

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  5. LaseRad

    last assassins creed, game of the series I liked so much, was boring to me and i never finished it… ubi as one more publisher that i dont give a damn about anymore
    these kind of news are pointless, lets talk about interesting stuff.. like valves new cunter strike

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  6. Elbart

    “We also do not have 7 copies of the game for you.”

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  7. rottencat


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  8. ryuga81

    i’m no longer buying ubisoft games, as long as they have heavy DRM. i’ll just buy their games on steam for 4-5€ a year or so later when they switch off the worst part of DRM. their loss.

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  9. Faark

    I don’t get it … they HAVE ubi-launcher and a lot of stuff that requires you to be online. Enough DRM for every company but UBI …

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  10. nova

    “[..] and there simply is no way to bypass that.” Well, you could install a crack. :D

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  11. 0cube

    @Lubci, exactely what i thought! I would never buy games with limited activations in the first place. I dont mind steam, but SecuROM/similar just make me lose interest in buying those games.

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  12. Lubci

    of course 95% will pirate it. who would throw away money for game with such drm?

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