THQ Summer Sale


  • Metro 2033: $12.50, 
  • Dawn of War 2: $7.50,
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl: $5 + many more.

Some keys may activate on steam (DOW2 & Metro 2033).

Go to the THQ Store now and save big!


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I run this place! :D

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  1. Creiorly

    Can’t agree more, tho I’d really like to get my hands on the DOW2 expansion… oh, well… thanks for the info, PM :)
    Take care,

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  2. partravetett mamusz

    You need a US credit/debit card. Or, as the good folks pointed it out, a friend with a US credit/debit card that you can trust.

    To be honest I should not care, I bought the Steam THQ pack back in november, and then Chaos Rising during the June DOW 2 Steam sale.(and not excited that much about Metro 2033/Supreme Commander)
    But it still bothers me, that there is a big sale, and we european scum are left out of it again. :S

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  3. Creiorly

    I tried putting US address but the checkout was unsuccessful. Has anyone been lucky?

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  4. mitzager

    they will mail you the cdkey that you can activate on steam (if it can be activated)…so you can fake your address…but you won’t get the retail copy

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  5. Enekomh

    Or faking your address?

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  6. stranded

    Yeah but you can always ask your US friends for gifts.

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  7. MarkAltair

    bah.only for US

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  8. partravetett mamusz

    OMG I just saw Chaos Rising for 5,8 euros! For Gods Sake, they are f@&% with me.

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  9. partravetett mamusz

    No. THQ store was always regionally restricted. THQ e-Shop buyers are treated like aussies: twice the price for teh same game. Oh and of course no price reduction for teh european scum.

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  10. Batisda

    Looks like a US only thing, since you can only pick US as country :(
    The price in UK is £20 + £30 (DoW2 + Exp), and 30€ + 35€ if you look in the German shop : /

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  11. H4ndy

    Is it somehow possible to purchase with an adress outside the US?

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