The Free Bundle is now live!

Well that’s unexpected, here’s another indie bundle but this time it’s free. It includes the following games: Nitronic Rush, Ascension, Celestial Mechanica, Imscared, Abobo Big’s Adventure.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. SilentBugler

    Will you look at that rating. People just don’t consider free stuff to be “worth it” anymore, huh? Shame, some of the best gaming experiences I’ve had were the ones with freeware.

    Might make a few suggestions for the next bundle, actually.

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    1. Zuko

      Free stuff? – No, thanks
      Free stuff on STEAM – YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!111111111111 Orgasm

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  2. Kibuza

    I’mscared looks nice, and nitronicrush so hardcore, i will stop to play borderlands 2 and rage to play these! :)

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