Team Fortress 50% off & Free Weekend!

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The WAR! update is live and Team Fortress 2 is available for 50% off until Monday! Play for FREE until Sunday at 1 PM PST!

14,99€ 7,49€
New Content

  • Added new control point map Gorge
  • Added new capture the flag map Double Cross
  • Added item crafting
  • Added work-in-progress TF Bots for beta testing in KOTH maps (blog post coming with more info)
  • Added headshot death animations
  • Added more backstab animations


  • Added 35 new Soldier achievements
  • Added 4 new Soldier items
  • Added new Soldier Domination lines


  • Added 35 new Demoman achievements
  • Added 3 new Demoman items
  • Added new Demoman Domination lines


  • Now pretends to be carrying the weapons & wearables of the target he’s disguised as
  • Moved the Spy’s camera-beard to the Misc loadout slot so he can equip it with a hat


  • The Sandman now only stuns on a max range hit (when you hear the cheering)

    • All shorter hits now force the enemy into the thirdperson fleeing state (also removed the damage reduction on them)

    Minor changes

    • Added new options to the Multiplayer->Advanced dialog:
      • Combat text, which displays damage amounts you do to enemies.
      • Medic auto caller, which automatically shows you nearby friends at low health.
      • Heal target marker, which better highlights the target your medigun is locked onto.
      • Alternative Spy disguise menu, which lets you choose disguises using just the 1-3 keys.
    • Fixed being able to affect friendly pipes with airblast (they would unstick)
    • Added recharge sound to abilities with a recharge bar
    • Fixed attachable wearables not staying on ragdolls
    • Players no longer see the wearables that are a part of a friendly spy’s disguise, fixing various graphical glitches
    • Added jiggle bones for Pyro’s chicken hat
    • Added 2 new game startup songs

    Community Mapmaker requests

    • Implemented InputSetSetupTime() for team_round_timer (was in the .fgd but never implemented)
    • Added “SetDispenserLevel” input to cart dispenser (1, 2, or 3)
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    1. Fox

      I agree, compared to other games this game is easly worth 50€. 10€ is a steal.

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    2. Rad86N

      by now.. there shouldnt be a gamer without tf2 in his collection.. i personally had tf2 in an orange box for like 30$
      yea.. 10$ is unbeatable price

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    3. Dragoon

      Thanks for the news on the update Wiak. It’s awesome and probably the best update so far for TF2 ever.
      I guess you live in Tier 2, because that are the prices I get from using Slay’s “Comparison Script”
      US: $19.99 $9.99
      UK: £13.99 £6.99 (13% higher)
      EU tier 1: 19,99€ 9,99€ (44% higher)
      EU tier 2: 14,99€ 7,49€ (8% higher)

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