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July 25th! Thanks to tor the Comparison Script for Steam store works once more! Download it now by clicking here.

Download the script now!

Don’t know how to install it? It’s easy just look here (you need Opera, Firefox or Google Chrome).

What is it?

This is just a simple Greasemonkey script (aka. user script) that can be installed in Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera. It was created by tor.

How does it work?

When viewing a game in the Steam store the script will modify the page so that prices are displayed in all three currencies. (USD, GBP and EUR).

Look at the example screenshot below, you’ll see US, UK and EU price. EU is also divided into 3 Tiers (not all games support this, mostly Valve games and new games on Steam).

Where can I get it?

You can download it from tor’s website!

Or you can try our modified Comparison Script – created by Zuko (works with DLCs, colors the names and adds small icons).

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