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July 25th! Thanks to tor the Comparison Script for Steam store works once more! Download it now by clicking here.

Download the script now!

Don’t know how to install it? It’s easy just look here (you need Opera, Firefox or Google Chrome).

What is it?

This is just a simple Greasemonkey script (aka. user script) that can be installed in Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera. It was created by tor.

How does it work?

When viewing a game in the Steam store the script will modify the page so that prices are displayed in all three currencies. (USD, GBP and EUR).

Look at the example screenshot below, you’ll see US, UK and EU price. EU is also divided into 3 Tiers (not all games support this, mostly Valve games and new games on Steam).

Where can I get it?

You can download it from tor’s website!

Or you can try our modified Comparison Script – created by Zuko (works with DLCs, colors the names and adds small icons).


14 responses to “Comparison Script”

  1. Mike Avatar

    This is really good, thank you very much

  2. Tom Avatar

    Great script.Thx all

  3. Rayhan Avatar

    Is their any Script which shows in PKR (Pakistani Rupee) CURRENCY?

  4. Rayhan Avatar

    Is their any Script which shows in PKR (Pakistani Rupee) LOCAL CURRENCY??

  5. cervicale Avatar

    You have great news!

  6. Joe Avatar

    Need the same script for EA Origin store ;)
    working on it….

  7. Zuko Avatar

    I found “little” bug in script:
    – script incorrectly calculate difference in prices (beetween EUR and USD)

    and I currently working on my own version, which also displays the price in “your” local currency


    Zuko – SU Admin

  8. stranded Avatar

    July 25th – page updated

  9. slay Avatar

    the script dies on monday :(

    “After two months in beta and over twenty updates, the Steam Client UI Update is slated to release to all Steam users this coming Monday, April 26th.”

  10. freibooter Avatar

    The script no longer works with the new store:
    It can be switched on via

    Since the new store will probably get deployed fairly soon it would be very welcome if the script supported it right from the start.

  11. Faky Avatar

    OMG sorry it was all my fault i guess. I double checked everything and saw that greasmonkey was disabled. Everything solved and working – cheers.

    Back to saving my money now ;)

  12. slay Avatar

    Can you be more specific and give any “sample” urls?

    i haven’t seen any problems with browsing steam store (at least with my modified script :))

    PS. When you see US price N/A, then it’s caused most likely that there is age confirmation and script doesn’t fill the data for you, so simply add ?cc=us at the end of the url, enter your birthday and try the url without ?cc=us again. Script should work again.

  13. Faky Avatar

    Great script, but i can’t get it to work lately.

    As a workaround i go to cc=US to check the prices in $, but it would be still very much appreciated if someone explained how to get it working again.

  14. slay Avatar

    updated: 19.12.2009 11:37 – Australian script v2

    I have customized the script a little bit. It displays US, UK, EU Tier 1 and EU Tier 2 prices and also converts US/GB/EU price to local currency (to compare it with retail price).

    To install it, just download the script, open it with firefox and let greasemonkey do the installing :)

    Currently this modified script is available for following countries:
    Estonia (updated to v1.4)
    Bulgaria (updated to v1.4)
    Poland (new v1.4)
    Australia v1 (new v1.4 + small customization. updated!)
    Australia v2 (another version that doesn’t convert AU price to AUD)

    South Africa (customized version!)

    NB! Rename downloaded script to temp.user.js, then you can easily install it

    PS. If you want to get code customized to your local currency, just PM me in forums!

    Output is like that (comments are starting with <-):
    version 1. – Tier 1 and Tier 2 prices are same
    US: $44.99 <- original US price (without VAT)
    UK: £34.99 (29% higher) <- United Kingdom
    EU Tier1: 44,99€ (51% higher) <- price in Finland, Tier1
    EU Tier2: 44,99€ (51% higher) <- price in local country, Tier2
    PLN: ca 123zl. (US) / 159zl. (UK) / 186zl. (EU) <- price converted to local currency

    version 2. Tier 1 and Tier 2 prices differ
    US: $49.99 <- original US price (without VAT)
    UK: £29.99 (0% lower) <- United Kingdom
    EU Tier1: 49,99€ (51% higher) <- price in Finland, Tier1
    EU Tier2: 37,99€ (15% higher) <- price in local country, Tier2
    EEK: ca 519EEK (US) / 517EEK (UK) / 783EEK (EU T1) / 595EEK (EU T2) <- price converted to local currency for US, UK and both tiers

    Australian version
    US: $49.99 / AU: $55.99 (2% higher)
    UK: £29.99 (3% lower)
    EU Tier1: 37,99€ (11% higher)
    AU: ca 55AUD (US) / 54AUD (UK) / 61AUD (EU)

    NB! Script may go crazy, when US version has more “Add to cart”‘s on the page. Sample: Medieval II Gold (29$, second offer in US, link here) is not offered in EU Tier 2(link here), but Mega Pack ($89) is. The script compares EU Mega Price with US Medieval II Gold price, because they both are in second place.

    v1.0 – basic script with estonian tier and conversion to Local currency
    v1.1 – renamed EU to EU Tier1 and EE (as Tier3) to EU Tier2
    v1.2 – added currency conversion that converts Tier2 price to local price too, not only US price
    v1.3 – added GBP -> Local currency conversion also
    v1.4 – calculate Tier 1 price to local currency also, if Tier 2 price differs from Tier 1. Also if Tier 1 and Tier 2 prices are same, show simply (EU) instead of (EU T2)

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