Green Man Gaming: Aliens Colonial Marines for only $35

We’ve posted about Aliens Colonial Marines pre-order on GetGames few days ago and it was at 38€ ($50) which was the cheapest pre-order back then, now I can’t believe it’s only $35 (26€) with this 30% off voucher GMG30-ALIEN-SDEAL – valid through January 25th. The game key is of course redeemable on Steam but cannot be traded-in on GMG.


Good (not so?) Old Games grows bigger, puts it’s first pre-order for a brand new game

The new, new GOG offers more community features to suggest new games, a new, faster downloader, and, most importantly, more games. GOG is fulfilling its promise of newer games with a growing selection of recent indies including Trine and The Whispered World. It's even selling a game that's so not old, it's not even out yet. Pre-orders for the first-person dungeon RPG Legend of Grimrock are open now for $11.99,…

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Pre-ordering on Steam? Think twice.

Some angry Steam user posted a very interesting message on the official Steam Forums. He wanted a refund for his pre-order of Aliens vs Predator game (for whatever reason, you can always refund a pre-order). But he bought the game with a discounted game Psychonauts ($2 at a time). What’s wrong you may think? Well, according to Steam Support you can’t refund only one game if you put them both…


Steam: Torchlight pre-purchase available

Right now you can pre-purchase this RPG game on Steam. The designer team is composed of lots of designers, project leads of Diablo, Diablo II, Mythos and Fate. So that sounds pretty good, let’s butcher the prices :)



US: $19.99 $17.99

UK: £14.99 £13.49 (23% higher than US)

EU: 15.99€ 14.39€ (19% higher than US)



“Painkiller Resurrection – get Black Edition and Overdose for free!” (read: for 47% higher price!)

Painkiller: Resurrection

+ bonus Painkiller: Black Edition + Painkiller: Overdose

Painkillern Resurrection

US: $29.99 $26.99
UK: £19.99 £17.99 (6% higher)
EU Tier1: 29,99€ 26,99€ (47% higher)

So all you remember nice “Heaven’s got a hitman”-game named Painkiller. Finally there is a sequel (or “addon” if you wish to say it so :P). Unfortunately the price is unfair. So if you really-really are a fan and want get your hands on it, go ahead.
PS. Game will be released on 27th Oct.