Christmas Giveaway ended – Thank You!!!

The giveaway is now over – we had 556 entries! Winners will be announced after New Years Eve! :) However the Drawing Competition sucked. Most of the people who participated sent us stupid images from Google therefor we won’t be picking any winners, sorry! You guys suck sometimes…

Have a nice end of 2013! We’re thankful that you guys stayed with us for so long and participated in all of our games giveaways in December. Even though some idiots posted on our Steam group that the keys are either fake, used or stolen we don’t really care because they weren’t. We’ve moved the giveaways to Steam Gifts. However, the site seems to be dead for few days now which really isn’t helping.


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I run this place! :D

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  1. WiZaRDuSS

    So, are the winners going to be announced or not?

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  2. Valentinas Gražulis

    REaly ? i send normal my drawing and no winners ? REALLY YOU DONT WANT GIVE GAMES ! MY Steam Group Giveaways And Raffles have gived away many games all decemeber I leaving this shit

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  3. Guest

    who won?

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