Steam: EA Games lowered prices in Europe!

Thanks for all the guys who noticed it (I really have no time to check the Steam store right now). As the news title says, some EA Games are priced really reasonable on Steam comparing to what they were in the beginning (30%-140% more!). See all EA Games on Steam here.

Read more about it here (all EA titles listed on Steam with proper price comparison, thanks to Rhoning The Wizard for the effort)!

And of course thanks to EA for this great decision.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Jibece

    Mass effect: 50€ yesterday, 15€ now, I think it’s cheper now.

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  2. SultS

    EA does NOT deserve our thanks. Almose none of the games are cheaper, and NONE of the games are a lot cheaper.

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  3. stranded

    I fixed the news title a little. It was indeed badly named.

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  4. whorus

    Not changed for me at all :( nothing :(

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  5. stranded


    Yes it is cheaper comparing to WHAT IT WAS before.

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  6. glubbar

    It also applies for Mirror’s Edge actually.
    It’s not 15 euros instead of 50 or something…

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  7. rpsgc

    What a misleading title. “A lot cheaper”? Well if you consider 2% “a lot”, then yes. I disagree.

    And it only applies to 3 games: Dead Space, NFS Undercover and Spore Galactic Adventures. Yes, two whole percent points, how generous of them!

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