#BoycottBlizzard getting even stronger

As you've probably heard Blizzard banned one of their Hearthstone professional players around a week ago after he expressed support for protests in Hong Kong – people over there are demanding democracy from the Chinese government. Shortly after that the Internet exploded, people posted a lot of #BoycottBlizzard posts on Twitter and reddit. On Sunday October 6th 2019, Hong Kong-based Hearthstone professional player Blitzchung, gave a post-match interview at the…


Steam removes games with pornographic content

It seems that in around two weeks Steam is going to remove (some) games with pornographic content, even though those games don't really contain any of that (officially). The developers of Mutiny have even discounted their game so that people could buy it before it disappears completely from Steam - you'll still be able to play that game and download it from you account, even though it won't be in…


Samsung removes YouTube videos showing GTA V mod that turns Note 7 into a bomb

Oh man, Samsung is having a really bad time this year. Some of their phones are already banned in airlines around the globe. And now gamers are on to them, GTA V modders are usually doing some nasty stuff and this time they've decided to put Note 7 into the game and... turn into C4. However, Samsung decided to take down those videos from YouTube. This is why you should…


Hatred removed from Steam Greenlight after few hours

Steam Greenlight is one of those things that sounded good in theory but after a while most of the gamers I know hate it, so many crappy, unfinished games on there it's kind of funny. Of course ther are exceptions but few weeks ago they allowed Postal on Greenlight without any problem and when the makers of Hatred put up their mass murdering game on Steam Greenlight it gets taken…


Update: Valve taking action against gifts from USA and Russia!


People in the Steam gifting-scene from Russia and USA claim that they have received emails from Valve, urging them to stop gifting to players from Europe. On some accounts, buying games has been completely disabled.

This is completely unacceptable. For most of people, buying games via a USA-gifter has never been about getting the game cheaper (at least not for Germans). It has always been about getting the uncut version of a game.



ACTA – another offensive against the freedom on the Internet

Hey guess what!? Now European Wikipedia (after the US Wikipedia yesterday) will have to demonstrate another blackout pretty soon. The plan is simple, sometime in January 2012 most of European Union countries is probably going to sign the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), a very controversial international agreement aimed at extermination of piracy and counterfeiting. Information about the date of signing the agreement comes from different rumors on the Internet. ACTA…


European Union against domains being taken over by the USA

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution which criticizes domain name seizures of “infringing” websites by US authorities. According to the resolution these measures need to be countered as they endanger “the integrity of the global internet and freedom of communication.” With this stance the European Parliament joins an ever-growing list of opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act .

Starting in 2010, US authorities have used domain name seizures as a standard tool to take down websites that are deemed to facilitate copyright infringement.

Despite fierce criticism from the public, legal experts and civil liberties groups, taking control of domain names is now one of the measures included in the pending Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), legislation designed to give copyright holders more tools to protect their rights against foreign sites.

Opposition to SOPA has been swelling in recent days, and today the European Parliament adds its voice by heavily criticizing the domain seizures that are part of it.

A resolution on the EU-US Summit that will be held later this month stresses “the need to protect the integrity of the global internet and freedom of communication by refraining from unilateral measures to revoke IP addresses or domain names.”



Mouths wide shut

A user called gimpymoo created a thread on Steam Forums called Should Valve open a European Office?. After few hours the thread got shut down...by the Steam Forums Administrator, and apparently for him an office in Australia (that's where he's from) is a priority and he decided to close the thread. In case this gets removed: Do you think that Valve should open an office in Europe? I personally think…