#BoycottBlizzard getting even stronger

As you’ve probably heard Blizzard banned one of their Hearthstone professional players around a week ago after he expressed support for protests in Hong Kong – people over there are demanding democracy from the Chinese government.

Shortly after that the Internet exploded, people posted a lot of #BoycottBlizzard posts on Twitter and reddit.

On Sunday October 6th 2019, Hong Kong-based Hearthstone professional player Blitzchung, gave a post-match interview at the Hearthstone Grandmasters tournament. And he did it in style wearing goggles and facemask just like the actual Hong Kong protesters.

Shortly after that Blizzard justified on their blog that the ban was strictly a competition rule violation – specifically the company’s image. He also took his money prize, he will be banned for whole 12 months, the two employees who interviewed the player have been fired.

After that the rage was so big that people decided to delete their Blizzard accounts and cancel subscriptions to WOW which is a pretty bold move if you ask me,  considering account deletion takes away all of those games and money spent permanently with no chance for a refund.

Blizzard striked back with some sort of “error” and account removal is now impossible in USA and some other regions. Fortunately thanks to GDPR they cannot block that in European Union so go ahead and delete your Blizzard account if you got the balls!

Most recent thing is that couple of days ago Blizzard written some sort of statement, not an apology but you get what I mean and someone on reddit claims…. it was written by a native Chinese speaker because of the linguistics. That sounds fun!

And that’s a really short version of the events but that’s not all of it. Make sure to follow that hashtag everywhere.

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